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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Riggs the Dog!

Yesterday Geoff and I met up with Lisa and her dog - Riggs - at the soccer fields of an elementary school - one of Rigg's favorite spots to play fetch with his tennis ball.

Isn't Riggs a cute mutt? I think Lisa said she has had him for 8 years - she wanted me to get some shots that showed off his personality. This was my first official "dog shoot"....Riggs went easy on me and was very well behaved. For the most part he was responsive in letting me take his picture, although toward the end you could tell he had had enough. :)

He just looks so dang happy here.

I love this one of them both laughing.

My favorite portrait. :)

Great to meet you, Lisa!


Maryann Barnwell said...

oh my gosh, you've GOT to do a shoot for me and sammydog - great work! don't you love how i stalk your blog so much? i don't miss you as much that way :)

Jesse Fender said...

Awww...that is soo cute and a great idea!

Vanessa said...

Cheyenne- I love these! My fur babies are my life so it's so fun to see the emotion you captured of the two of them! Hmmm- I may need to get some fur baby pics :)

Christy Bear Photography said...

Cute! The soft backgrounds are great. Love that portrait :)

Anonymous said...

Cheyenne! You need to come do Lily and Paco for me!! These are adorable.

xoxo, Jackie