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Monday, June 30, 2008


Well folks - today was the day. The very first day that I can call myself a full time photographer. Weird, but great!

I am SO excited for this next step in my life. Not only do I get to spend my work day doing what I love to do now, but I also get to have somewhat of a life again! Since March, things have been nonstop around here. It's been really hard to come home from work at Davidson every night and then edit and answer emails until midnight. Here are a few of the things I am looking forward to:

- Keeping my house clean (it has been SO neglected - dishes are always piled up and there's always laundry sitting around!
- Cooking a real meal now and then (by real I mean something other than frozen pizza).
- More QT with Geoff! Maybe even a couple real dates here and there!
- Daily exercise (well, maybe almost daily :) ).

Just to make sure this post has a picture to go with it, here's my to-do list I started making today.

And here's my little business partner. I think I might go crazy here with me during the day. She is CRAZY and barely lets me work without throwing her toy again and again and AGAIN. In fact, she is so crazy that her vet recently put her on Xanex because of her anxiety issues. Poor Ellen.

Now that I have more time for photography, my goal is to blog at least 4 times a week (maybe 5!). I know I've been slack lately, but have every intent to step up my game. :) Here's some of the things you can look forward to:

Joy and Matt's Wedding
Cathi and Greg's Wedding
Annye's Bridals
Annye and Clint's Wedding
Riggs the Dog
Kay and Bobby's Wedding

See - lots to come! :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nicole and Will: Married!

I know, I know....I've been a bad blogger again. :( I promise, starting next week when I don't have two full time jobs, I will begin to be better. My plan is to blog at least 4-5 times per week. Since I've been so bad, here's a longer blog post.

I shot the wedding of Nicole and Will while 2nd shooting for Ruth Rackley near Clinton, South Carolina. Nicole and all of her bridesmaids were stunning - they were really easy to photograph! Thanks for this opportunity, Ruth...I really had a great time shooting for you and hope to do it again sometime!

Be sure to check out what Ruth got!

I'll start this party with two fun shoe shots.....it bugs me when I can't pick just one. Which one do you like better?

Nicole getting beautiful. I love this shot.

This look I caught on Nicole's face when she saw her parents in their wedding gear is priceless.

Two flowers shots too - again, I couldn't decide.

And here's Will - waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle.

How sweet is this look that Nicole was sneaking to Will?

It was quite a large bridal party!

While we were waiting for them to be announced into the reception, Ruth and I spotted this awesome light coming through the trees. Perfect for some spur of the moment portraits!

The reception was in Will's parents backyard under a massive tent. They had Nicole's bridal portrait framed and mounted to this old door.

Seriously, there were SO many details to shoot at this reception.

Will and Nicole's first dance....

and Nicole and her dad's dance.

Congratulations Nicole and Will!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Val and Jimmy: Married!

Memorial Day weekend was a busy one for me. After 2nd shooting for Jeremy on Friday, shooting Val and Jimmy's rehearsal dinner on Saturday, and finally 2nd shooting for Kristen Leigh on Sunday....you can bet I was beat at the end of it. Yet again, I was grateful for the opportunity to learn from another photographer. Thanks, Kristen...I hope to see you again sometime soon!

Val and Jimmy were married at the Weddington United Methodist Church, which is just outside of Charlotte. As you can see...we got blue skies!

Val's dress was perfect for her - she was BEAMING when she put it on.

I really like this shot - so sweet.

This was Val's journal while she was dating Jimmy - it was so cool to see how their relationship progressed overtime.

Congratulations Jimmy and Val!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Michelle and Kevin: Married!

At the end of May I second shot a wedding for the awesome Jeremy Igo. Michelle and Kevin were married at the Ballantyne Resort here in Charlotte.

I really enjoy second shooting for other photographers, as I get to experience how others work - I always walk out having learned so much. This particular wedding, Jeremy was nice enough to let me play with his lighting at the reception - off camera lighting is challenging!

I couldn't decide which flower shot I liked best - so here's two for you.

The bushes that I was behind for this shot were way taller than I am - I grabbed this dinky little bucket out of the back of a golf cart, stuck it in the dirt, and began my balancing act.

I couldn't decide between these cake shots either!

The groom's cake!

Tuxedo strawberries....yesssssss......

And tea!

Love this ice sculpture!

The ice luge - a brilliant invention.

How cute is Kevin's mom in her dress?

Thanks for the opportunity to shoot with you, Jeremy! And congratulations Michelle and Kevin! :)