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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bizz-ay Day

I apologize for the ridiculous title, but I'm tired. Real tired. It has been a long (but fun) day and it's past my bedtime. There's no way I could possibly post a full session tonight, so I figured I would just recap the day for the sake of staying consistent with my posting. :)

My day started by heading up to Davidson to do headshots for these crazy people.

Really, it was a lot of fun - they were cracking up and cutting on each other the whole time. More than anything, I'll miss working at Davidson because I won't have these nutcases in my life on a daily basis.

After we finished I was sent off to take some cool shots around campus so they can decorate their conference room. Here's one that we all liked. Can't wait to see it framed and hung!

I then proceeded to head home to find a computer FULL of unedited photo sessions waiting for me. So, I sat on my couch for a good 5 hours and photoshopped my little heart away.

I ended the day with Geoff as we met Reida and Brandon for their engagement session. Seriously, these two are funny. I loved watching them interact.

When we got home we found that Ellen had broken out of her gated area in the bathroom - apparently she preferred the upstairs bedroom to wait for us to come home. *Sigh*

And there you go.

A day in the life.

Alright - I've got to pack....we're headed out for another wedding weekend!


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