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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Meet Erica!

Meet Erica. Our new intern.

Let's be real for a minute. As AWESOME of a blessing as it is for a husband and wife to get to work together on a business like Geoff and I do, it's also really hard. Don't get me wrong - having my husband to shoot and work alongside of me is more than I could ask for. It's really a lot of fun and I wouldn't have it any other way. But to be honest, it's hard on our marriage sometimes.

As many of you know, Geoff works full time doing motion graphics for our church - Elevation Church. As our business started to grow, we saw a lifestyle change. Geoff would get off from work and head straight to the computer to tackle the projects I had asked him to help me with. Since he was working, I thought I might as well be too. So, night after night, we found ourselves in separate rooms consumed with work until 1....2...in the morning. Not exactly practicing a healthy balance of work and life.

With 30 weddings on the books for 2009, we knew we needed help. Enter Erica. AMAZING Erica. :)

Designer: http://www.artdeasign.com/

Photography Website(s):

Favorite Photographers:
www.cheyenneschultz.com [of course!] (Editor's note - I promised Erica a lifetime supply of chocolate flavored Bunny Peeps if she said that :) )

Canon or Nikon:

Favorite lens:
Canon 50 mm f/1.8

What is your background with photography?
Basic black/white and color photography degree courses, trial-by-fire experiences in portrait, event and animal photography, a love of capturing moments, and an inherent desire to use my own photography in my design work.

Educational background?
BFA from the University of Connecticut, concentration in Graphic Design

What are you looking to get from this internship?
A library of new knowledge of the wedding photography industry - from engagement to the big day, and everything in between. Creative inspiration and technical skills. A chance to achieve more depth and *punch* in my work. And, an opportunity to collaborate with - and absorb the experience of - Cheyenne and Geoff, as artists, business-owners and amazing creative minds.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Photo Booth: Best Invention Ever

Oh, you KNOW we didn't hesitate to jump in the photo booth from the wedding we shot this past weekend!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Love, Sissor.

I think I've mentioned it on here before - I have a lot of siblings. One full brother, two half brothers, three step-brothers and a step-sister------> that's SEVEN. Besides my step-sister, I'm the oldest of all of em'.

I was around 8ish when my first half brother was born. As a three year old, Morgan was the cutest kid you'd ever seen - he had chubby cheeks and a head full of thick, brown curls. His favorite color was green, which he would express by wearing an all green outfit - including green gloves. Instead of a blankie, he'd sleep with his puzzles. He'd called a motorcycle "cycle-motor" and the ice cream man "puh-ceem man". He referred to me as "sissor". Here's a shot of him on Halloween - he was Robin HOOD (emphasis on the hood, as Morgan would put it).

Two weeks ago, Morgan graduated from bootcamp in Texas and we couldn't be more proud of him. He's the third in our family to have joined the airforce. I had intentions to write him often, but only did twice. :( As a joke (what fun is having brothers if you can't hassle them?), we put together this pic of him to include with the letter....I couldn't resist sharing.

Congratulations Morgie-Porgie! We love you and can't wait to see you again.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kristy: Bridal Portrait

I've been DYING to post Kristy's portraits ever since we took them. Growing up, Kristy was a big time dancer - so it was an easy decision for her to shoot at the theatre she used to perform at - the Steven's Center in Winston-Salem.

Shooting at this location really gave Geoff and I the chance to stretch ourselves a bit and have some fun with the unique lighting and interesting details of the theatre. And let me tell you - we had Kristy WORKING for her portraits...dancing, bending, spinning....the girl was a champ and totally WORKED IT.

Kristy displayed quite a few of her portraits at her wedding reception, but this was the one she put on canvas and had framed big - BEAUTIFUL.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this image.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Elizabeth and Jeremy: Engaged!

Okay, so I know we've already rocked the red couch (last year for Stephanie)....and I know we've already shot at the urban barn (just last month for Maryann)....BUT....it's our business and we can do what we want. :) So we hauled out our little red couch from our living room (complete with holes in the cushions from Ellen's furious digging) and plopped it on down in the field at the barn. And it was worth it.

Basically, I love Elizabeth and Jeremy. Reason one why I knew I was going to like Jeremy - the four of us met up for coffee before the shoot...Jeremy ordered a grande mocha and then sat down with the rest of us. I kid you not - probably 7 seven minutes later he shook his empty cup and said, "I think I'm going to get another of these". I mean, 2 grande mochas within 20 minutes....that's impressive. And Elizabeth? She is SUPER cute and so so so SO nice. Together they are flipping adorable and were really ready to have fun with our shoot.

Jeremy did NOT hesitate to bust out his karate skills by jumping off of the red couch.

A little off camera light...sure, why not?

Elizabeth knows how to WORK IT.

See what I mean?!!!!

Lovin' this shot Geoff got! I know, right?!

We'll see you two in May! :)))

Monday, March 23, 2009

Kristy and Russ: Sneak Peek

I just arrived to my home for the next few days in Santa Fe, New Mexico for The Blend workshop....I'm a bit tired, but mostly just excited. :)

I do have quite a bit to blog about (Kristy's Bridal Portraits, Elizabeth and Jeremy's Engagement Session, and my new intern's headshots, to name a few), so I'm going to try my best to post while I am here....but no promises.

For now, here's two from the after session we shot from this weekend's wedding at Graylyn in Winston-Salem. I'm dying to post more, but this is all I can do right now. :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jessica and Steve: Album

I think I've mentioned on here before how much I love getting mail. Well, one of my FAVORITE things to get in the mail is a wedding album that we've ordered for a client. Because seriously - they are beautiful. I can barely contain my excitement when I see the return address from our album company - Finao. NO DOUBT the box is ripped open upon delivery.

One of the reasons I love Finao is because of the options. I really have fun playing "album stylist" when we have one of our client's over to proof their album and pick out their cover materials. Jessica and Steve chose to design their album to match their living room - they went with the "Mimosa" fabric cover and the "Havana" leather as an accent. And seriously? I'm obsessed with it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

For Sale: Canon 40D (Body Only)

Since getting our 5D Mark II, we now have an extra 40D body that is just sitting around collecting dust. We bought it last spring and are selling for $700 (includes 2 batteries). Shoot me an email if interested - cheyenne@cheyenneschultz.com

Monday, March 16, 2009

Natasha and Robert: Sneak Peek

More to come on this "surprise wedding" of Natasha and Robert!

Featured: Jewelboxing

I was more than excited to get an email from Steve at Jewelboxing asking if I would like to be featured on their blog. Seriously, any chance to help promote this product and I'm all about it. Click HERE to read post on their blog.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Natasha and Robert: Engaged!

Earlier this evening I met Natasha and Robert for a very impromptu and very quick engagement session (more details on that to come at a later time). I could tell I was going to like Natasha from the first time I talked to her on the phone (which actually was only about a week ago!).

I am BEYOND excited to see these two again...which will be VERY soon.

DANG. I mean....Natasha and Robert are SERIOUSLY hot. I knew I was going to be obsessed with this image right after I took it.

Natasha's only request was that we get a shot where she could pop her foot out - I told her I knew the perfect place where we could get a great shot of just that......

Tell you what - this was the CLEANEST alley I've ever been in.

Robert told me that his outfit was dictated by Natasha's shoes.....I'm MORE than approved of that decision...those shoes....LOVE.

And a final stop at the Wachovia Atrium - YES.

See you guys soon! :)