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Friday, July 11, 2008

Mini Vacay.

We're excited.

This morning we dropped off our precious Ellen at overnight doggy daycare and skipped town to head to Savannah, Georgia to get some R&R, as well as attend a wedding tomorrow evening. Geoff and I met in Savannah, so this place is special to me. As we drove in, I had a moment and realized that it was in this city that my life changed in so many wonderful ways. :)

Right now we're waiting for Geoff's parents to meet us at our hotel so we can hit up some pizza and beer - to kill some time we busted out Photobooth and had some fun. If only we had Ellen to join in our fun. :)

I thought we were done playing and went to the bathroom - I came back out to find Geoff in front of the computer laughing at himself. I think he was having a bit too much fun.

We'll be back soon, Ellen - we promise! :)


Jesse Fender said...

You guys crack me up!!

Kristin Vining Photography said...

Y'all are a MESS!!! Love keeping up with your blog...your work is evolving so much. Keep it up - you have a FANTASTIC eye!!

Vanessa said...

hahha these are great! I do this ALL the time and email them to my nephew! He LOVES it! :)

Catalina said...