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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cathi and Greg: Married - Vanlandingham Estate

This wedding was certainly a day to remember! It took place at the beautiful Vanlandingham Estate here in Charlotte on June 21st. I had never been to this venue before - when I arrived, I was in awe at how gorgeous the house and grounds were. Seriously, if I had it to do my wedding over again, I very well might have had it here!

Unfortunately, right at 6:30pm when the outside ceremony was to start, it began to pour down rain. I mean, it was POURING. I couldn't believe how calm and collected Cathi was....I would have likely cried if I were the bride....just because I'm dramatic. :) After about 10 minutes of raining I went to check on her - she just smiled and cooly said we would wait until it passed over. What a woman.

Well, the rain didn't pass over - it kept on. So, we made the call to have the ceremony inside. Everyone kicked into high gear to set up the space that was to be used for the reception. As it turns out, the new location was just as beautiful as it would have been outside....it was just a tad cramped. :) There wasn't space for many chairs, so everyone just stood where they could. Somehow we managed to part the crowds to form an aisle for the bride to walk down. And when she did, everyone cheered for her....it was an awesome moment. Even in close quarters, we made do...athough I was literally two feet away from both of them during the ceremony - this made for some challenging picture taking! :)

Geoff was out of town for the weekend, so I had the pleasure of working with the fabulous Amanda Suanne who drove up all the way from Atlanta! Thanks so much, Amanda!

Her beautiful dress designed by Jenny Yoo.

Flowers and other details were done by the awesome the Carolyn Shepard Design Group (whose work I am obsessed with, by the way). They opted for a simple style of green details and lots of candles. It made for a really nice mood.

Her hair was perfect - simple, loose curls with a bit pulled up.

Makeup was done by Caroline Granger - if any of you soon to be wed women need on-location makeup...give Caroline a call! Just let me know and I'll forward on her contact info!

How great is her engagement ring?! Thanks for letting me borrow your macro lens, Amanda! I think I must get one of my own now!

I really think she looked perfect for her wedding day. How cute is this portrait?

Amanda got this next shot of Greg with his guys.

I'm sure I've said it before, but I'll say it again - my favorite moment of any wedding day is that first moment the grooms sees the bride in her dress - ah! I love it! This look on Greg's face is pure joy - it just makes me smile to see how happy he was.

Her walk down the aisle was especially special to me, as she walked down to the same song I walked out to on my wedding day - "Evolve" by Bosc. If you haven't heard it, it's a must - go to my website to hear it!

Again, shout out to Carolyn Shepard for the design of this awesome cross that was the backdrop to the ceremony - BEAUTIFUL!

Yeah - I was SUPER close!

After the ceremony we had a few minutes to grab some shots of the bridal party and cathi and greg before everyone headed to the reception. Love the pink and green!

And finally, the fun cake, which was done by Cakes by Jill.

Congratulations you two - thank you so much for allowing me to document your wedding day! I do hope to see you guys soon! :)


A Perfect Enagement - Weddings and Events said...

This wedding is absolutely adorable. Ahhh. I am obsessed!

Vanessa said...

Love it Cheyenne- awesome work as always!

Hubby said...

Baby, you did an awesome job while I was away! Thank you Amanda for shooting with Cheyenne, she really enjoyed having you there.

Amanda Suanne said...

Those are AMAZING girl!! I love the shot of her looking in the mirror, I really love the cake details, and again I was blown away how awesome you are to work with and how you handled the rain situation so amazingly!

Lauren said...

How beautiful! I love VanLandingham Estate. I shot my first wedding ever there :D Simply fab, Cheyenne!

kristin said...

I love this ring shot and the shot of the girls is just too cool. I absolutely love the guys suits and the pink and green. Gorgeous wedding and beautiful shots Cheyenne!

Maryann Barnwell said...

Dang girl. . . Cathi and Greg's wedding is some of your best work so far. Great job!

Lisette Price Photography said...

Wow these are beautiful!