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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Stuff: Coffee Table Guestbooks!

Sorry for all of the "new stuff" posts lately, but there's a lot of new stuff to show off! So here you go - the coffee table guestbook.

I love this product, as it's an old school idea with a new school style. Our guestbooks replace those you've seen at weddings that allow guests to sign their name on the dotted line to show that they were there. I like this option SO much better as it allows your friends and families to leave you a note of well wishes. Geoff and I opted for a guestbook such as this for our wedding a little over a year ago - we keep it on our bookshelves in our living room and get it out every now and then to read the notes.

It also makes great use of all of those fun engagement pictures you've taken. Rather than maybe framing one or two and then having to leave the others on a computer or in a box, why not showcase a bunch of your favorites?

David and Lara chose to have one made for their wedding day this past Saturday - it was a big hit!

As mentioned before, Geoff does all of our album design (how convenient that I married a guy who went to art school!). For the design of David and Lara's book, he took a few of their favorite quotes and even incorporated the graphics from their wedding invitation to really personalize it.

As you can see, plenty of negative space is left on each spread to allow for guests to write.

If you are interested in getting a guestbook of your own for your wedding, give me a shout! :)


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ahutch said...

Such a cute idea! It's like signing an uber-cool and modern yearbook!

Abbi said...

OOH, I want one!!! Someday...maybe even someday soon! I'll let you know! ;)