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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Stuff: Albums!

Back in March I traveled all the way to Las Vegas to attend the WPPI Convention and Tradeshow. My biggest reason for going was so I could choose which album company I wanted to partner with to offer my clients. Before attending I had researched many many options, but never could decide because I couldn't really tell what they were like. To be able to see and feel my options in person was invaluable to me, as I knew I would make the most informed decision possible.

My album company - Finao (stands for "failure is not an option" - which I love) - is awesome. When looking for a company I wanted one that was "outside of the box" and could match our style of photography. I wanted high quality, modern, and fun. Finao is just that and I couldn't be more pleased.

Waiting to get my sample albums in the mail after we designed them and sent them in was like torture. When they arrived, it felt like Christmas morning when I was 8 years old and received my little miss makeup doll. I was CRAZY excited and couldn't stop obsessing over them.

Without further ado - here they are! All of the albums we offer feature........

Nice, thick pages.

Top quality printing directly onto the page - seriously, the printing is out of this world beautiful. Each album is custom designed by the fabulous, talented, and cute Geoff Schultz!

Modern style square page corners.

Square spine for a clean look.

Part of the reason I love this company is because of all of the customizable options that are offered. I really want my clients to have an album that is a reflection of their own personal style, whether that be a crazy fun feel or a more traditional finish. Check out all of the options - match your album to your wedding colors or to your living room! The choice is yours. :)

Our standard album features one or two tone fabrics and materials with the names of the couple imprinted on the front. For our sample we went with a "biker chic" and "ipanema" combo.

I'm a big fan of the photo covers - this one is called "Armour", which is a printed metal cover that is FIERCE! The album back can be covered with any of the above materials from the swatches. We went with the fun material called " femme noir" that is shown below.

My favorite is the acrylic cover - seriously, it is sooooo awesome. The cover image is coated to the back of this piece of plexi-glass...it is PRETTY. For this sample we went with the "miami ink" backing.

So there you go - we're definitely thrilled for this next step in our business! :)

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Tracy Norred said...

Cheyenne, your albums are gorgeous! I actually just discovered Finao a few days ago, because I've been researching album companies also. I love what I've seen on their website, and now I love what I've seen on your blog! Your hubby did a beautiful job designing them! =)