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Sunday, July 6, 2008

3 Couples. 3 Cities. 3 Days.

DANG, it was a crazy weekend! It's pretty late and I'm super tired, but couldn't resist blogging quickly to give a recap of our weekend of travels and shooting.

It all started with 4th of July Friday - we shot the wedding of Seth and Stephanie up in Mooresville - they are both as sweet as can be....it was a great wedding (even though we got bit of rain). Here is the newly married couple!

On Saturday we got up and drove to Marietta, Georgia and met up with Erika and Brad - who are getting married in August - for their engagement pictures on the square. How cute are they?!

After their shoot we grabbed showers and headed to the fabulous Whitlock Inn to attend the wedding of our friend's Pat and Megan. Let me tell you - as much as we love shooting weddings, it sure was nice to just be a guest for a change. :)

This morning we woke up early enough to get ourselves to Anderson, SC to go to my 2nd favorite church in the world - Newspring. Sorry, but I gotta keep the love for Elevation at #1. :) Seriously, that church is nuts. In 8 short years it has grown from a bible study of 20 people to averages of 8,000 per Sunday. INSANE. If you are reading this blog and are ever in Anderson, you owe it to yourself to AT LEAST hit up this church once. It'll rock your world.

After church we had lunch with my good friend, Maryann. Geoff and I hadn't seen her since her wedding this past March, so it was great to catch up over some bad (but SO good) food from Chili's.

Our final excursion for the weekend was to Greenville, SC. We met up with Julie and Eric for their engagement session downtown. Julie and I went to grad school together - I hadn't seen her since a conference this past November, so again - it was great to catch up and spend some time getting to know her man (who is great, by the way). :) And yeah....LOVE this shot!

So yeah - it was a fun weekend away, but we are thrilled to be minutes from climbing into our bed for the night! I'll have the full blog posts for the couples above soon - so check back...they are worth it!



Jesse Fender said...

I can't wait to see more pictures! Have a great week!

Patty Herrera said...

I happen to be the mother of Erika (from Marietta, GA) and you are right...they ARE cute! Nice shot too; but it's hard to take a bad picture of Erika (LOL!)

Kristin Vining Photography said...

Go girl...SO PROUD!! Love the new ad !