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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Facelift for Davidson

Many mornings did I spend in the conference room of the Residence Life Office at Davidson College during the almost two years that I worked there. Basically, it was an eye sore. Tacky fake flowers randomly placed on a side table against drab, gray walls - that was as much decoration as it got. Sick.

The staff decided it was time to give the room a facelift. Not only did they ditch the nasty flowers, but they made plans to hang some art work against the gray walls (Jesus, please put it on their hearts to paint...preferably in a Cheyenne Schultz Photography shade of green).

This is where I came in. They sent me out with my camera to capture places/things around campus, which was quite fun except for the fact that I thought I was going to have a heat stroke. And here's what I came up with.

To see the full collection or to buy any prints, click HERE.

Select "Davidson College Fine Art" and hit enter.

The password is: Wildcats (be sure to have it uppercase)

Here's the storyboard I designed that will be the focal point of the room.


hubby said...

baby, these look great! I really like your eye for "fine art" within photography. You amaze me and i love you!

Elizabeth Gale said...

I think you should do this at other colleges around the state. The local bookstore might be willing to sell the work. I know I would by some of USC.

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful, Cheyenne. A series of these with your eyes would make a wonderful product line, for colleges, for realestate agents ty gifts to clients, etc etc, hallmark card themes....we can go on and on....keep shooting, eventually we will just have to get you a marketing agent to see all these great ideas to people and manage it all.....