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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Erika and Brad: Engaged!

Yesterday I told Erika I would have her engagement pictures up sometime today - so I'm sure she's been checking the blog frantically all day and has gone crazy because I am just now posting at 10:30pm! Sorry, girl! :)))

Erika and Brad are getting married in a little more than one month! We are super excited to shoot their wedding - I've seen pictures and heard of all of the details that will go into it...it's going to be awesome!

Geoff and I met up with these two in the Marietta Square, which is right near where they live. I fell in love with the place - seriously, there are cute little shops and restaurants everywhere - all of which borders the fountain/park area. We got there a bit before them to scout out some cool spots and grab a quick bite - as we walked around, Geoff and I became more and more excited. I think scouting for places to shoot is one of our favorite things to do. :)

Thanks for the shoot, guys! We had fun and can't WAIT to see you on wedding day! :)

Erika first spotted this headline when we had them sit on a bench - it was too cute to pass up.

Love it!

Get it, Brad! (this is Geoff's view)

Erika - you are FIERCE, girl! (Cheyenne's view)

Oh yeah...this is hot!


Vanessa said...

Great shots Cheyenne! I love all the spots you and Geoff found! Total Hotness! :)

Amanda Suanne said...

I love the 2nd to last shot! but they are all fabulous!

wrig7218 said...

Cheyenne - Brad is my step-son and these photos are some of the best I have seen of him - you certainly captured his beautiful eyes! The photos are wonderful - can't wait to see the rest - Brad and Erika will have a difficult time choosing their favorites!

Tracy said...

Gorgeous work, Cheyenne!

dana andreasson said...

love the first one!

shauna maness said...

my goodness!! your work is BEAUTIFUL!! i love how clean and smart all your colors and design are... i can't wait to to check out your blog daily!!