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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dom and Francois - Married - Baton Rouge Wedding

The last week of December, we had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of Dom and Francois in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We flew in on Monday evening, shot their engagement session on Tuesday morning, the rehearsal dinner on Tuesday night, the wedding on Wednesday, and flew back out on Thursday. And wouldn't you know.....we had beautiful weather the day before and after the wedding....but on Wednesday? It poured for most of the day. POURED.

LOVE this shot Geoff got.

What were they laughing at.....?


Right before the ceremony began, this little dog stopped by for a visit. I was actually pretty worried about the dog, as his owner didn't seem to be anywhere nearby. Luckily, Dom called me over from the limo and said, "Cheyenne, I know you are worried about the dog....I was too the other day when I first saw him.....but he's actually a local dog who has a home and just runs around." I was so relieved to know he had a home. Although, I'll never understand people who allow their dogs to run loose.

One of my favorite shots of all time. :)

We were SO glad the rain quit in time for us to shoot a few portraits outside. It actually, it started flurrying just the tiniest bit - the four of us were pretty excited.

Congratulations Dom and Francois - love you guys.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Winner announced!

And the winner of last week's contest for a free set of The Love Tees is..........

Corley May!

Catalina and Juan - owners of The Love Tees - chose her answer to be most creative date night using 140 characters:


"Grab his guitar, your ukelele. Write a love song. Hit the streets & play for change until you can afford dessert."


Cute, right? :)

For those who didn't win, but would still like to purchase a set with FREE SHIPPING:

1) Go to http://www.thelovetees.com/
2) Click on the Valentine's tab on the top right
3) enter the password "lovetheschultzes"

Thanks for playing. :))))

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Contest! Win The Love Tees!

Remember Catalina and Juan? I believe it was last July that Geoff and I photographed them together. The night before their shoot they made the super cute shirts you see in their pics.

And now....you can get yourself a set too! Check out their site - The Love Tees.

Keep in mind - $2 of every sale will go toward the Haiti relief efforts.

Now here's the fun part. A contest!

Catalina and Juan will be giving away a set of The Love Tees away to one lucky winner. If you want to enter the contest, here's the scoop:

In honor of love, a-la-twitter, you have 140 characters MAX to come up with the best idea for a valentine's day date. Leave your answer in a comment (with your name) in this post between now and Friday at 12:00 noon. Catalina and Juan will pick the most clever and creative answer to determine the winner.

Now go!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2009 Year In Review

Hi friends. So, I know this has taken me FOREVER long to write and post my 2009 Year In Review and that it almost is silly to do so because we are more than a month out from when the new year hit....but even so, it's important to me that I take the time for this so I can remember where we've been and what 2009 brought us.

Marriage: Year Two. For some reason, to me it seems like Geoff and I have been married for much longer than only two years. I just feel like SO much has happened in a such short period of time. Year two was equally as crazy as the first. We worked a TON, but luckily still managed to make the time to just be together - Fridays Geoff has off from work at Elevation....this became our date day. A big part of year two was getting two more dogs - we adopted Jazzy from a shelter and then found Frank as a stray. However, we are still looking for a permanent home for our sweet Frank. :)

The first day we found Frank.

All five of us.

Clients. Our second full year of business brought us 32 wedding clients - many of which, became friends. :) Yikes, though! Just seeing that number freaks me out...I can't believe we actually made it.

Travel. 2009 brought us to Chicago for Geoff's grandma's 80th birthday, Asheville for our anniversary, California for my high school reunion with my girlfriends (where I got the WORST case of the flu I've ever had...ugh...that was terrible), and Baton Rouge to shoot Francois and Dom's wedding (which is coming to the blog VERY soon!). We also managed a short trip to our favorite place - Savannah - for a motion graphics conference.

Downtown Chicago


Me with four of my five best high school girlfriends in San Francisco.

Education. For my educational workshop this year I traveled to New Mexico for The Blend. In addition to learning from The Image is Found, Jose Villa, and Jesh de Rox, I made new friends....which is always good. :)

Intern. We got the most fabulous intern - Erica - to help us during busy season....and to my delight, she became our album designer.

Eye Candy Contest. To spice up things during a slower time, we had a photo contest which the winner received a free session, disc of images, coffee table book, and an iPod with all of their images. It was fun. Super fun.

The winners - Caleb and Melissa

Press. It's been a great time to see our work pop up on so many wedding blogs and a few magazines here and there. Probably our greatest excitement was learning of the news that Jessica and Steve's wedding landed on the cover of Carolina Bride.

Photobooth. We incorporated "The Booth" into our offered services. So so so fun. Best decision we EVER made. Maybe not EVER...but a good decision for sure.

And there you have it. 2009. A great year no doubt....ALL the glory to God...for real.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Featured: Charlotte Wedding Magazine

This post has been a long time coming. SUCH a long time coming.

Geoff and I were BEYOND thrilled to learn that our work from Amy and John's wedding was to be featured in the premiere issue of Charlotte Wedding Magazine. If you haven't yet seen it, you MUST pick up a copy. It's a great new resource for Charlotte brides.

*Again....apologies for the poor quality - our new scanner truly is crap.