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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Julie and Eric: Engaged!

So, I know that you're only supposed to post a few pictures per blog post, but lately I just can't control myself. I have the hardest time picking out my favorites. Here are my FAVORITE 25 of Julie and Eric!

Julie and I became friends during grad school at Western Illinois University. During our second year we shared an office at our assistantship which was working with fraternities and sororities. Most of the time our office was a zoo - especially when our other friend and colleague - Lisa K. - was in there with us. Looking back, I'm surprised we didn't get more "talking to's" from our supervisors because of how loud and off-the-wall we were during work.

After graduation, Julie moved to Dallas, Texas to begin her first job out of school. The job required a lot of travel, so Julie was constantly flying from place to place (her and I share a despise for flying...well, Julie has gotten better about it - I, on the other hand, still hyperventilate on take-off). As it turns out, she met Eric in an airport. Due to missing/cancelled flights, these two hit it off while waiting to travel back to Dallas.

Julie is such a great person and friend. Not only is she a crack-up, but is trustworthy, sincere, caring, joyful, positive, etc. etc. etc. - she's the type that you just like to be around. I was so glad to get to spend some time with Eric and get to know him a bit - after watching him interact with Julie, everything I had heard about him from her was confirmed....he just seems like a very good man and a great match for her. Julie deserves only the VERY best so I'm thrilled to see her so happy.

I have been looking forward to shooting their engagement pictures since she asked me if I would do them months and months ago. As it turns out, Eric's parents live in Seneca, SC - which is only 2 or so hours from Charlotte! This is great news for me because it means that I still get to see Julie every now and then. And maybe, just maybe, they will move to the southeast someday. :) We worked it out so that we could shoot them while they were in the area for the 4th of July weekend. I was REALLY excited when she told me she wanted to do the session in Greenville, SC - we had never shot there and I knew there would be a ton cool stuff there.


They had all of these cool plaques on the ground with quotes - Geoff and I went scouting before they got there and picked out our favorites.

In Greenville there are mice hidden around downtown that you are supposed to find - I think maybe there are 9 of them total? Don't quote me on that. Anyway, I was excited to spot one on the sidewalk!

Eric and Julie are getting married on April 25th in Dallas, so we had to set them up next to the parking #'s in a lot we found - clever, aren't we? :)

Oh YEAHHHH.....the hot dog king. This shot just makes me laugh.

I loved it that Julie and Eric didn't hesitate when we asked them to do some shots here - Geoff and I really love shooting at random and sometimes off-the-wall locations.

LOVE these.

We hit the jackpot on this day - there was this AWESOME structure that was set up for a wedding ceremony with BEAUTIFUL chairs. Since the ceremony was over, we jumped all over it.

A little foreshadowing if you will. :)

Congratulations Julie and Eric - love you guys and can't wait for your next trip to Seneca! :)))))


Abbi said...

GORGEOUS shots, Cheyenne. Wow. The colors and the locations are just amazing. You're so talented! I just love following your work. Keep it comin'! :)

Lauren said...

nice! I love these, they make me so nostalgic of greenville-i know every nook and cranny of these shots!

kristin said...

These are amazing! The 4/25 shots with the parking numbers are too cool. All of them are seriously gorgeous!

MattDJ said...

Hey Cheyenne! :-) LOVE this session. WOW, I've really been missing out on a lot of stuff here. Love the new products posts and +1 for the "Five Love Languages". We read through that book before getting married. :-)

Maryann Barnwell said...

some of your best work, my dear - i'm so proud of you

Amanda Suanne said...

these are beautiful! I love the mouse shot!

Vanessa said...

these rock Cheyenne!!! I love love the one by the quote.

Leah Bowman said...

I can see why you had such a hard time choosing! the 4/25 shots are so cool! And I LOVE the shots at the little cafe table. So sweet.