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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lori's Bridals

Yesterday Geoff and I drove up to Black Mountain, NC for Lori and Tom's wedding - it was SO pretty up there....we are going to make plans to go back up sometime for a weekend away (hopefully soon!). Wedding pictures to come soon. :)

I was especially looking forward to shooting Lori's portraits after she told me where she'd like to do them - the Winghaven Gardens here in Charlotte, which is where Geoff proposed to me. He and I hadn't been back there since that day, so I couldn't wait!

A couple minutes into the shoot, I stopped and asked her if she had ever modeled before, to which she replied no. This was SO hard for me to believe because she knew how to WORK the camera. Seriously, this girl was a total natural - I barely had to direct her at all...she just kept hitting these awesome poses - I was really blown away.

This is the one she chose for her portrait to hang at the reception. Love it.


Leah Bowman said...

These shots are fantastic! She really does have a great model air about her. You can't go wrong with that location either. Lovely, as always! :)

Lisette Price Photography said...

Cheyenne these are fabulous! She was great in front of the camera and you did an amazing job behind it!

Kristin Vining Photography said...

Simply STUNNING...getting ready to head out there to shoot - GREAT SPOT!

Anonymous said...

These are very unique bridal pics I think I have ever seen ...the background that frames this bride is just beautiful as well....nice Cheyenne.

Josh said...

Girl these are hott!! I love the first one so much!!
Thanks so much for the referral by the way :D

Josh said...

k woops that comment above was from me!! I hate when Josh is logged in and I do that! :D

Caroline Ghetes said...

Beautiful photos! I just finished a bridal session at the Biltmore and had the same experience with a bride who just posed perfectly. I can't wait to post those up but I can't until the wedding is done LOL. These are amazing! She is absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to meet you at Igo's get together!

Mrs. Lori Campbell said...

Girlfriend, you know how to make a gal blush, now don't you!!? Thank you SO MUCH for this "words cannot describe" experience...I have never felt so beautiful and so at ease - well, except when I stood in front of Tom at the moment I became his wife. The honeymoon was most fab and I cannot WAIT too see the wedding photos! You and Geoff are amazing, and yes, I have to agree with you, even though there is no question, that the photo of Geoff in PA was hot, really hot. :)
Just love you guys! I am looking forward to the two of you photographing many more exciting events to come in the Campbell household.
Take care of you!