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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Early Evening Surprises

Yes! We are so excited!

This evening we were getting ready to leave to meet up with two of our friends for dinner when we heard the doorbell. The glorious doorbell. When it rings unexpectedly I know that usually means there is a package waiting for me on the other side of the door.

Allow me to pause to explain how VERY much I love getting mail. Receiving any mail will brighten my day extraordinarily, but packages - packages make my whole week.

Have you ever read the book "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman? If not, you totally should pick yourself up a copy to discover which "love language" you prefer. Hence the title, there are five: 1) Words of Affirmation, 2) Quality Time, 3) Receiving Gifts, 4) Acts of Service, and 5) Physical Touch.

Me? Yeah, I'm gifts.

I think it started with my mother. All throughout my childhood days and even into my adulthood, she has given me gifts and sent me packages. These gifts aren't anything incredibly expensive - just thoughtful things that make my day. For example - every Easter I get my easter basket sent to me via mail from E. Bunny - and it's full of pez, chocolates, and other types of candy. Once when I was little I came home to find a box of my all time favorite chocolate (Sees candies) and a hairy, white stuffed monkey on my bed. When I was in college I would look forward to the slip in my mailbox telling me there was a box to pick up from my mother. It never even mattered what was in the box - just opening the box was thrill enough.

So anyway - back to the point of this blog post.

Sure enough, upon opening my front door tonight - there sat a box on the front mat. I wasn't expecting anything, so this was extra special. After slicing the tape with my key and digging through the stuffing, I looked inside to see the cover of Carolina Bride magazine. Now, my picture wasn't on the cover, but my excitement came from knowing that OUR FIRST AD was somewhere inside.



A Perfect Enagement - Weddings and Events said...

It looks awesome Cheyenne! Congratulations! I am so excited you are full time now! Plus I am glad to have you regularly blogging again! I am an addict!
Alyse :-)

Vanessa said...

How Awesome is that!!! Congrats and your ad looks great!

Amanda Suanne said...

Dude you ad looks amazing!

Jesse Fender said...

I love your ad! Congrats! I may even have to go buy a copy! P.S. A co-worker was looking at my pictures yesterday and was very impressed by your work!

Maryann Barnwell said...

wooooow! that is a huge ad AND a huge accomplishment! we are so proud of you girl. my toes look so hot in that picture. love you.

Catalina said...

that looks awesome!

Lisette Price Photography said...

I love your add! So clean and fun!

kristin said...

Congrats on your ad... it looks great!

Scarlett Lillian said...

Pretty ad! You are definitely gifted in gift giving! I still have your pretty pink box on my dining room table! :-) Thanks again!