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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Love these guys!

It was so great to see this family again. Since shooting Jesse and Brandon's wedding last April, they have become some of our greatest encouragers in our business!

We started the shoot with the WHOLE family and then ended it with a mini-shoot of one of the "sub-families". Be sure to check back tomorrow for that one! I have to be honest - it was hard to shoot this many people altogether!

Aren't the grandparents the cutest?

And of course I had to grab a couple of shots of our friends Jesse and Brandon - ummm....aren't they SO cute together? These just make me so very happy. :)


amee said...

Your pictures are amazing! Great job! I love these family ones and I also love the wedding below!

Jesse Fender said...

Love it, love it! Thanks for doing these so quickly!

Valerie Schooling said...

Aww, these are fabulous! My fav is the one with the grandparents in the foreground - what a great idea!

Karen Schultz said...

These family pictures, the story titles your pictures seem to capture...I LOVE the themes, the pictures. My absolute favorite is the family standing in the background the grandparents / parents standing looking up and forward and the winding path to frame the right side of the picture...WOW....a very spiritual picture...very deep story line to think about. I love this one!

Morgan said...

what creative poses for a large group! love it!