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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Hubatka Family

Although we haven't known these guys for very long, the Hubatka's have become one of our favorite families to be around. Our shoot was pretty chaotic - but really, what do you think will happen with four sisters under the age of 7? :)))) We may not have gotten the "perfect" shot with all girls and parents, but what we did achieve was capturing the personality of this awesome family.

Love all you guys - you are such an incredible blessing to Geoff and I. Kelly and Larry - we can only hope that when the time comes, we will be able to parent our kids as well as you do to yours. Thank you for being such great models to us!

Meet the girls - from oldest to youngest.




And little Lucy.

As the oldest child of four, Riley reminds me a lot of myself when I was little.

What a great big sister.

I do have a few shots of all of them that are "better", but I had to put this one on the blog because it totally cracks me up. Kelly told me that Audrey has this thing where she loves to close her eyes intentionally when having her picture taken. Couple that with her pursed out lips and we've got a winner. :)

And p.s. - the only reason Lucy was smiling was because she knew she was going to get a gummi bear.

And to end the shoot, I grabbed a few shots of just mom and dad.

As soon as I snapped this last shot, I heard Geoff over my shoulder - "that has SO been done before". Sheesh! :)


Rachelle said...

What a beautiful family! Your talent continues to amaze me everytime I visit your blog. I so wish you lived closer.


Anonymous said...

I love these pictures!!! You did a great job with 4 little girls!!! They sound like such an awesome family! I can't wait to see the Elevation staff pictures!!!

Lisette Price Photography said...

What a beautiful family! I wish the dad luck with all those gorgeous girls!

Kelly H. said...

I love these Cheyenne! You're right, it was so crazy, but really there isn't a time at our house that it's not, so at least the pictures are "real." :) You captured the girls personalities so well. We had a great time. Love you guys!

Holly Bush said...

Great pics Cheyenne! My favorite is the one of all the girls lined up on the street with the oldest holding the youngest. too cute!! :) ANDDDDD loved your christmas card!!!! You guys are adorable!!!

Larry H said...

Love the pics Cheyenne.