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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jessica and Steve: Married - Byron's South End

Somewhere along since starting my business, I have become completely 100% addicted to my email. I must check it every few minutes - it's totally ridiculous. Back in May, while waiting for our plane to the Bahamas for Mary and Niall's wedding, I was elated to find that I had a signal to check my email....it had been a few hours, so I was having pretty severe withdrawals.

After logging in, I immediately noticed Jessica's name in my inbox. Geoff and I had met her and Steve a week or two prior to discuss their wedding and show them more of our work. Jessica had given us a heads up that they would be checking out another photographer and that they would get back to us. My day was made when I saw in her email telling me that they had decided to hire Geoff and I to shoot their wedding day. Really, I'm not just saying that - I was REALLY excited. When we had met Jessica and Steve, I immediately liked them and was really hoping we'd be able to work with them.

Jessica and Steve's wedding was fabulous. Having the ceremony at The Atrium and the reception at Byron's was great for all of their portraits. Geoff and I LOVE shooting in South End.


Jessica's getting ready hotel - The Omni
Hair and makeup - Kymm from Who's the Fairest
Dress: Darlynn's
DJ: Split Second Sound
Flowers: Studio Flowers
Wedding Planner: Alyse Woodward of A Perfect Engagement

To kick things off for this ridiculously long blog post, here are two ring shots that I couldn't decide on which to post.

Jessica saw this and exclaimed "Steve loves asparagus!"....it was really cute. :)

All of that "gettin' ready" and this is where we landed......ummmmm.....seriously, I am speechless.

Meanwhile, Steve was suiting up.

Love it.

Steve - you look dang good. Geoff - rockin' shot!

Jessica's sister and Steve's sister were the bridesmaids - love their dresses.

Jessica and Steve decided to see each other before the ceremony, which was brilliant. Not only did we take full advantage of the light, but they were able to get to their reception quicker after the ceremony was over.


Again, WHOA.

Ceremony time!

Byron's is a great reception space - the exposed brick walls and funky light fixtures offer a modern option. There is also an adjoining courtyard, which is ideal for spring/summer weddings.

We had some fun with some external lighting for the dancing action!

They exited to glowsticks! This is one I had not seen before....it was a big hit. :)

Congratulations, Jessica and Steve. Geoff and I had a blast working with you through your engagement and on your wedding day and wish you the best for your marriage. Let's hang out soon! :)


Jesse Fender said...

Beautiful work!!

Lisa said...

Whoa... is right! Great shots!

Holly Bush said...

these are AMAZING. great job cheyenne! congrats steve and jessica! beautiful pics!!!!

Matthew Hammett said...

Cheyenne! I am always impressed with your work. Y'all did a fantastic job with these pics.

Autumn Gibson said...

Love the shots of the dancing....the light is great!

Caroline Ghetes said...

These are wonderful Cheyenne!

April Hollingsworth said...

I encourage my couples to see each other before the wedding. Pictures are better and everyone is at ease afterwards. The photographer that did my wedding WILL NOT wait until after the cermony to do bride and groom pictures. When I get big enough to be that selective, I will!

Very nice pictures by the way.

Jessica L Sack said...

Seriously? I'm in love... You two are so gifted and were so wonderful to work with. Thank you so much for capturing our wedding so fabulously well!!!

Cheyenne Schultz said...

Jesse - thank you!

Lisa - I know, right?! Thanks! :)

Holly - thanks, girl!

Matt - you're the best!

Autumn - it is always fun to play around with some different lighting!

Caroline - thank you!

April - I know - it's SO much better...I agree. :)

Jess - so happy you like them! We had such a great time working with you! :)

North Carolina Wedding Planner said...

Fabulous... as always! Can't wait to see the rest!

Amanda Suanne said...

What a beautiful wedding!

megan dibblee said...

love them! they are sooo cute and she is gorgeous in her dress!
i cant say enough on how i love these!

Katherine B. said...

Beautiful pics!! The bride totally looks like Kerri Russell, I think!

Lisette Price Photography said...

Goooorgeous Cheyenne!! Wow!

Karen Schultz said...

This couple is beautiful just as themselves and you have caught them beautifully on paper. I love her look while he is stating his promise to her...like wow, we are finally making this happen and he is committing his life to me...to us...
I look at your pictures and get to live the happiest moments of these people's lives and share their joy in a distant way but none the less, your pictures really capture the emotions, the time, and one can feel part of the story in viewing your photographs. Thank you, Cheyenne for sharing your gift with the world and thank you to your clients for letting the world peak in at their happiness, their story and put a smile on our faces.