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Thursday, December 4, 2008

One Week Later

I truly did mean to post this on Thanksgiving last week, but got so caught up in doing NOTHING I couldn't help myself. I figured in honor of Thanksgiving 2008 one week out, I would reflect a little to give thanks. :)

I am thankful for.........

1) the everyday luxuries that I take for granted. To name a few, I get steaming hot water when I shower. Not only do I daily go to sleep with a full stomach, but I get a choice of what food I want to eat. I have as much clean water to drink as I want. I have a whole closet and dresser full of clothes....and during this season....I have WARM clothes.

2) being healthy and able.

3) living in a country that I have the freedom to have and profess the faith that I do.

4) a great set of friends and family.

5) my education....even though I'm no longer using my degrees in my work life.

6) financial security. Even with Geoff and I both changing jobs this year, we are doing just fine. When I left my full-time job at Davidson, it was somewhat frightening not knowing if I would be able to make it work doing photography. And here we are, keeping up.

7) our photography business. Wow. Just wow. It has been incredible to watch it grow in the short year and some change that it has been in existence.

8) ellen....even when she is jumping all over me and barking in my face. She really does bring a lot of joy to my life.

9) my awesome husband. Geoff is more than I could have EVER asked for. He is my greatest supporter and he is ALWAYS there to encourage me. He holds me up when I can't do it for myself. He sacrifices himself for me daily. He makes me laugh and smile.....a lot. He is loving, gentle, giving, and totally unselfish.

10) at the risk of sounding cliche.....I am thankful above everything else.....for God loving me no matter what. No matter how far I run from Him, no matter how selfish I can be, no matter what I do....He ALWAYS loves me. And the security that that brings is the greatest blessing I could receive.

So there you go. Thanksgiving 2008. :)

Okay - one more.....

While I don't forget the real meaning of Christmas, I can't help but get caught up in everything about the season - and for this, I am thankful. I LOVE the smell of a Christmas tree, eating candy canes (which Geoff surprised me with when he got home from work today), making red and green M&M cookies, Christmas movies (especially The Grinch, Christmas Vacation, and 24 hours of The Christmas Story on Christmas Day), Christmas lights, the red cups at Starbucks, songs on the radio ( I refused to listen to them until December 1)....I could go on and on.

While I would love to have a real tree in my living room, I'm freaked out about it catching on fire. This year Geoff and I bought our tree at Target.....I was FLOORED how expensive the dang thing was and was disappointed that we blew our decorations budget on JUST THE TREE. Oh well. Here's a few pics from putting up our tree. :)

Ellen had had enough!


Jesse Fender said...

I am thoughtful for people like you Cheyenne. You give brides a lasting gift that can't be replaced. Ellen cracks me up! I love her little outfit!

Holly Bush said...

Can you come decorate our house? Not even for Christmas. . . for everyday. Your house is adorable - love your taste!!! These pics are too cute. . . awesome family shots!!!

Anonymous said...

You look smokin hawt with your new hair! And yes, those trees are ridiculously expensive!

Jeanette said...

Love these photos so warm, happy & fun. Great Tree !!!

Karen Schultz said...

This must have been after a full day of Ellen craziness. Adorable catch!