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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jesse and Brandon: Married!

Despite the rain, Jesse and Brandon had a beautiful wedding day. A few weeks ago, they got married in Columbia, South Carolina at the Ensor-Keenan House. All morning and early afternoon the skies were beautiful. As the day wore on, and the guest began arriving to their outside ceremony, we could see the nasty, dark clouds coming in. Luckily, there was a tent for everyone to huddle inside once it started raining.

Congratulations, Jesse and Brandon! Geoff and I had the best time getting to know you - we wish you only the best for your life together!

This is Jesse.

I thought this was a fun shot - different then my "usual" shoe shots.

Jesse's reception shoes - so cute!

Yeah, Brandon - looking good!

And a good shot of Brandon and his guys.

The guests all preparing for the down pour.

The first look at his bride. I love this moment.

Wouldn't you know it that it began pouring down rain the second Jesse and her dad made their way down the aisle. I was panicking, as I didn't want to get my camera wet, but even more so, didn't want to miss one of the best shots of the whole day. I jumped out in the middle of the aisle, snapped a few shots, and ran like the wind to get back under the tree!

I couldn't hear what Jesse was saying because I was up front, but Geoff told me that he could hear her saying how sorry she was to all of her guests that they were getting wet. Are you kidding me?! Talk about selfless. I can't say that if it were me being rained on as I walked down the aisle in my beautiful dress and my hair and makeup done that I would be focused on my guests. Jesse - you are an amazing woman with such a beautiful heart.

Since it was still pouring cats and dogs - immeditately following "you may now kiss the bride", the DJ busted out the electric slide - pretty much everyone joined in...even if they didn't know the dance.

A sweet moment between Jesse and her dad.

After the rain quit, we were able to get outside for their portraits. 

I love this old feeling treatment to this image - I did it with the Boutwell's Totally Rad Action - "Super Old School Fast".

Yes!!! They had a candy bar! You had better believe that I most definitely did partake in the candy goodness.

I thought their cake topper was adorable.

In lieu of a traditional guestbook, Jesse and Brandon opted for the modern version that we offer using their engagement pictures. It was a hit!


Brandon's only request of the wedding was that they have birdseed tossed at them as they left the reception. Although Jesse was keeping her fingers crossed that the seed would be forgotten at home, she had no luck.


Shara Lana said...

GREAT JOB Cheyenne!!! You got some great stuff!!! : )

Leah Bowman said...

Ok, so I have to say that I think you have ofically gone to a new level of photography! These shots are amazing! The dress and shoes shots are awsome. I love the shot of the Grandparents? in the background, and the 1st portrait shot of them after the rain, is breathtaking. Amazing work, reall!

Oh, and I must know where she got those reception shoes, because I MUST HAVE SOME!!!!!

kristin said...

Hey Cheyenne~ I absolutely love the creative ring shot, and the shot of the grandparents is just adorable! Glad you are back from the Bahamas safely and can't wait to see the shots!