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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mary and Niall: Married!

Mary is probably my biggest blog stalker (and she tells me she has converted a few of her Irish co-workers as well), so you imagine how anxious and excited she must be to see her wedding day post!

Although a tad warm (actually, it was sweltering), the wedding day of Niall and Mary was perfect. The bright blue skies were beautiful! Getting to shoot this wedding was a dream, but not for the reason you think it was. Yes, being in the Bahamas was an awesome good time.....but more importantly was that I was able to reconnect with my college buddies and capture the memories of little Mary's wedding day. Geoff and I are so thankful to Mary, Niall, and their families for allowing us to share in the day with them.

When I first got up to Mary's room where she was getting ready, I saw a fantastic spread of fruit and an accompanying bottle of champagne. Not only had Niall sent these treats over for everyone to enjoy, but he surprised Mary with her very own diamond earrings.

In return, Mary had her sister Katie go over to where the guys were getting ready to deliver her gift to Niall - an awesome Kenneth Cole watch. Later when I popped by to say hi, I asked him about the watch. He looked at me with big eyes and said in his Irish accent "it's the greatest watch I've ever seen". It was adorable. You could tell he really loved it and was appreciative of Mary's gift.

Lexi was the hair and makeup champion of the day - she Mary's and all of the bridesmaids hair - everyone looked fabulous! While Lexi got started on Mary, I grabbed some detail shots.


Mary's shoes

I loved the bright colors of the flowers!

Go, Lexi, go!

Mary had the best expressions while her mom and sister helped her into her dress. She really was stunning. After everything was put together, she looked at herself in the mirror and was BEAMING. Let me tell you - she loved being in that wedding dress. I think she probably would have slept in it and worn it the next day to breakfast if she could. :)

Geoff hung out with the guys as they got ready. I love this shot he grabbed on Niall in the mirror.

Ummmmmm.....I told you.....STUNNING!

And Niall? Well, yeah....he looked pretty dang hot too.

Mary, her girls, and her bridesman - Ryan. I love this shot.

Niall and his guys.

I'm pretty sure Geoff got this shot as they drove the golfcart to the ceremony.

The chapel was teeny tiny, but very cute. The perfect size for their wedding guests.

Just married! Love the golfcart.

The bridal party was a lot of fun during their pictures - it makes my life SO much easier when everyone is nice, fun, and trusts my vision for the shots. This was what we had. Thanks, guys!

Probably one of my favorite parts of the wedding day is the mini photo session I get with the bride and groom to get some fun portraits. Mary and Niall were naturals!

On to the reception! All of the details were so well coordinated - shout out to Jane!

How fun is their cake?!

Ummm....yeah....I was drowning in my own tears as Niall thanked everyone for coming and toasted Mary. He looked at her...right in her eyes...and said "Mary, I love you dearly". And he meant it with every ounce of his soul...I could tell. At that moment I couldn't have been happier for Mary for finding such a loving and committed person to share the rest of her life with.

Here I am with my girls. :)

Congratulations Mary and Niall! We are thrilled for you and can't wait to have you here with us in North Carolina! :)


SJB Weddings & Events said...

Beautiful work as usual! I love the shot of the groom and his guys! You did get wonderful light to work with didn't you?

Heather Houston said...

That shoe shot is really cute! Great job!

Anonymous said...

He He He! After I finished hyperventilating, I started smiling...and still haven't stopped. We love them! Thank you Cheyenne.

LOVE! Mary

kristin said...

Love the shot of the back of the golf cart and I also love the shot of the bridal party on the beach. They are so relaxed and look like they are having a ton of fun. Awesome shots Cheyenne!

Ann Marie said...

Omg... your pictures are amazing... you look so beautiful maryxxx annie

Jon + Megan = Love said...

Cheyenne, I believe myspace and a lot of time on my hands led me here! Your photography is amazing! I'm so excited for you.

It was fun seeing all of my favorite Beta girls in one photo. Everyone looks great and Mary is a vision! Congratulations Mary!

Megan [Pledge Huie]