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Friday, September 11, 2009

Monica and Brent

I always get excited when "already married" people contact me about wanting to schedule a shoot. Monica and Brent have been married for 8 years....and can I just say....I hope Geoff and I are as in love at that point as Monica and Brent are. I always tell people before we start shooting that the more into each other/flirty/playful you can be, the better your pictures will turn out. Monica and Brent totally got this....and it shows. :)

These two are photographers (check them out HERE), so they had great ideas (and outfits!) for our time together. And when they asked if we could shoot inside the laundromat? YOU KNOW I was all about it. :)

Sadly, Geoff couldn't come out for their shoot, as he was battling the flu. Which means that the four of us need to get together for some dinner sometime soon!

Oh! Monica's hair and makeup? Done by none other than the fabulous Kymm of Who's the Fairest. :)

Dear Lord, PLEASE let me look like Monica's after I have two babies.


Melissa said...

awww I love Monica!! Well I haven't actually meet her YET!! But she lives pretty close so we're plannin on meeting soon!!
These (like everything you do) totally ROCK!! I love your tones. I love the moods and emotions you always seem to capture in your clients!!

catalina said...

those are so great, Cheyenne!
i LOVE the "easy to love" one especially! nice work!

Monica said...

Thanks SO much Cheyenne! you TOTALLY rock! What an inspiration you are to me as a photographer and SO dang NICE and Easy to be around!!
Dinner soon, YES!!!
I'd recommend Cheyenne to ANYONE!

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Love 'em all!! My fave is the one of him pushing her in a laundry basket/buggy :)

Matthew Hammett said...

Great session, folks! These are great! I feel like I same the same thing every time I leave a comment, but it's true. Your work is awesome!!

missjulierae said...

Monica and Brent -- these are fabulous! love the laundromat! Reese family represent!!!!

Caroline Ghetes said...

Great shots Cheyenne! It seems you really got their personality, and makes me wanna' meet Monica even more. ; ) We've "virtually" met and have yet to meet in person. BTW, love the laundromat idea, and after four kids, yeah, I wanna' look like that too ; )

Tish Mackay said...

I love all of these - one of my favorite shoots you've done! Love everything about it.

Katherine B. said...

How beautiful!!! Love the laundromat shots!!

Michele B said...

Just catching up on my blog reading and wanted to tell you...I adore this session!!!! Awesome job :)

Anonymous said...

Your work is flawless. God has definitely blessed you with a beautiful talent darling.