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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Emily and Dan - Married - Gaston Country Club

On July 18th Emily and Dan were married at their church - Parkwood Baptist in Gastonia - and had their reception at Gaston Country Club.

I have to start this post out with the disclaimer for all of the baby girl pictures. Prior to her wedding day, Emily had told me that all of the little kids I've made mention of on my blog about being the cutest child alive.....they got nothin' on her niece. And when Geoff and I arrived to Emily's parents house early on Saturday morning and were greeted by little Katie in her pajamas watching cartoons on the couch, I knew Emily was right....she is, in fact....deemed by me.....THE cutest child alive. See what I mean?

While I've never been before, I hear SO many great things about Poffie Girls dress salon in Gastonia, which is where Emily found her beautiful dress.

Nothing better then a freshly clean just-out-of-the-bath baby in a towel....this is one thing I can't wait for to have babies.

Hi, Dan.

I die over this.

Transportation provided by Rose Limo.

And then Geoff had to go on and shoot this all time FAVORITE groom portrait of Dan.

Cake by Cheesecake, Etc.

One of my favorite parts of the reception? The ICE CREAM BAR.....genius! (and it made it even better that it was to honor and remember their grandparents).

So, what do you think? Ring shot #1?

Or, ring shot #2?

Love this.

And who was the awesome DJ of the day? Jill from All the Right Grooves - love her. :)

Emily and Dan wanted to sneak out of the reception to grab a few more portraits - yes, please. We can do that - anytime.

We just loved Emily, Dan and their families. Thank you guys for being so good to us. :) Emily and Dan - many blessings to you for your new life together. :)


hubby said...

BAM! Knocked it out of the park babe :) great job with this post.

angela said...

love ring shot #2- and all of them:) haha

Alyse Woodward Events said...

Oh. my. word. How gorgeous is this couple? That is THE cutest baby girl - ruffle bloomers? Are you kidding?

You guys seriously rocked this wedding. Ring shot #2 = insanely awesome!

Lippi and Co. Advertising said...

so is someone getting the itch for BABIES???

Cait said...

Gorgeous, girl, gorgeous! I love both the ring shots but #1 is my favorite. :)

Jessica L Sack said...

OMG, that little girl smelling the flowers?!??! I want to put her in my pocket!

meg{moir} said...

now that is one gorgeous couple!

Katherine B. said...

LOOOOOVE the shot in the tree!!! All of them are gorgeous!

Katherine said...

Emily and Dan are friends of mine and you have captured the essence of who they are. I don't know that I have seen more beautiful pictures. You do amazing work!

andrea said...

i am so in love.
most gorgeous couple ever?

Amber said...

love ring shot #2. and the dancing baby pictures make me think of the dancing baby from Ally McBeal.

Matthew Hammett said...

Really good job with these! Great work guys! Love the shots by the water!