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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Corley May + Josh = Lurv

Since we shot their engagement session out in Waxhaw (one of my all-time favorite sessions), we had been SO looking forward to Corley and Josh's wedding day which took place on July 25th in Rock Hill, SC.

The ceremony was at a very cute church - Grace Lutheran - and the reception was held at the Center for the Arts in downtown Rock Hill. Their reception actually reminded Geoff and I a lot of our own wedding reception, which we had at the art galleries in Spirit Square here in Charlotte. :)

Their day went off without a hitch - this sounds cheesy, I know.....but both of them were just so full of joy and love. I love these two. Probably my favorite part of the day was watching them say their vows to each other - each word was said with SUCH incredible intention....you just knew they really meant what they were committing to each other. :)

Hair/Makeup - Kymm McLean w/ Who's the Fairest
Flowers - The Flower Diva
Caterer/Cake - Melanie Rowe

We recently bought an actual macro lens - but didn't have it yet for Corley and Josh's wedding. What to do? Turn that 50mm around backward, hold it against the camera body...while not breathing....and presto! Beautiful ring shot. :)

I took A LOT of dress pictures - I was loving the resemblance to Mondrian.

I like these guys.....

....and this little guy. :)

Being around Corley just makes you feel so dang HAPPY inside. Seriously - she is just such a joyful person (and don't get my started on how full of expression she is)....really rubs off on you. :)

Hello, Josh. Looking good....looking very good. :)

This one's a total favorite of Corley.....see the JOY I'm talking about?

And then, she totally blows me out of the water by pulling THIS look. Girl - you are ridiculously gorgeous.

Another favorite - this one's going to have to go on the website. Thanks, Josh. :)

Corley forgot to grab her bouquet back before walking back down the aisle......

.....no problem - her brother (her man of honor) fulfilled his duties. :)

I love a great photojournalistic shot like this one that Geoff grabbed right after Corley and Josh got outside the doors of the sanctuary. Newly married and loving it. :)

And here's another great one Geoff got of Corley and her girls as they waited for the church to clear out.

No doubt I looked the fool with my head sticking out of our sun roof as we followed Corley and Josh to the reception. I'd say, it was worth it. :)

Can you believe that he told me he wasn't a very good jumper right before we took this?

I die over this one.

And this one? A definite favorite.

Candy buffet.....SCORE.

Congrats you two - we love ya! :)


Jeanette said...

Gorgeous couple & photos Loved them all!

Caroline Ghetes Photography said...

Heehee! These are so fun! Love them! Great work on these!

Corley May said...

I told my mom I just want to tell everyone how incredible you are. I want to write a letter to the Charlotte Observer. You guys are so, so SO talented, and I love everything you create. Thank you so much for helping me remember how beautiful our wedding day was. The pictures are just. perfect.

Alicia Williams Photography said...

You're amazing! I just love your work more and more and more!

Feely Photography said...

ooooooh my gosh!! You are seriously so talented. I love your work. These photos ROCK...just stunning! WOW!