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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sneak Peeks + Ring Drama


Whenever I hear Geoff say this to me, I know what he's about to say next isn't good.

This past Friday evening as we got out of the car to continue shooting Russ and Kristy's engagement pictures, this is what I heard. After sending Russ and Kristy up to the field we were shooting, I headed back to where Geoff was. He didn't say anything else - he just held up his left hand revealing his naked ring finger. Yup - his wedding ring was gone.

The situation was no stranger to us....last March was the first incident, but that ended up favorably by finding the ring in our front yard. This time is different. This time the ring is lost in a big field in Davidson. A field that we found to have been plowed when we went back the next morning to look for it. How convenient. :/

All ring drama aside, I had SUCH fun with Kristy and Russ and at first glance of the images, I am LOVING the way the session turned out. I've been dying to shoot in a huge field like the one's we did for some time now. So here's a shot of the field that I now have a love-hate relationship with.....the field with PERFECT light, but that swallowed up the ring that I wanted my husband to wear on his finger until we were old and gray. (Sigh)

On Saturday we shot a big ole' family session......

.........and got to shoot a family mini session with this cutie.

As for the ring - we're thinking about renting/buying/borrowing a metal detector and having a go with it on the field for one last attempt - any one out there have one they'd like to lend us? :)

Have a great week everyone!


Jesse Fender said...

Wow! That was a lot of people in one picture! Thanks for putting up with all of us at one time! You guys are awesome!

Maryann said...

be very happy that you didn't have to shoot my family's picture. yikes. anyways, i hope y'all find the ring. i miss y'all, and your work is getting better and better.

Michelle said...

I may be able to help you with the metal detector. My husband just bought one for when he is scuba diving. If it works as well on land I am sure he'd be willing to help.

I'll ask him when he gets home and then email you so we can arrange the details.

Amy Hutchison said...

Yes, this news about made me cry. Maybe that's not very supportive, but true.

But maybe you can remarry him with a new ring??? :-) Heyyyyy excuse to wear the dress again!

Karen Schultz said...

Love that family shot!
Karen / Mom