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Friday, November 7, 2008


Here it is past midnight already. I've got my computer on my lap, Geoff in the office working on the iMac, and Ellen lying at my side digging into the couch. It's time for bed....because I'm tired....real tired.

To close out the evening before heading upstairs, here's a couple of completely random and meaningless (except for #4) tidbits/thoughts/recounts from today:

1. I am on a mission to go on at least four walks this week (trying to knock down that high cholesterol!) - this morning I completed #3...think I can do it?

2. I shot an engagement session for a very cute and very nice couple today in NoDA- I can't WAIT for you to see the shots I got.

3. This evening before leaving for the shoot, I spotted a snake in my front yard. Mind you, this is the SECOND snake I have seen in the front yard since moving here a year ago....this, I do not like.

4. And finally, should you find yourself needing another blog to stalk to occupy your day, go ahead and bookmark my husband's NEW BLOG! http://www.g-off.com/

Goodnight to all!


North Carolina Wedding Planner said...

You have been posting religiously lately... I am inspired.

Mary Sheedy said...

It's like Christmas has come early for this blog-stalker...a whole week of Cheyenne posts AND a new blog to stalk!

Thanks for filling my day with smiles!

Jesse Fender said...

I think you can do walk #4!! By the way - I have already bookmarked Geoff's blog, but I always visit yours first. Sorry Geoff! :)