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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Friend Adam

He was in the 6th grade and my friends and I were in 8th. Most of our evenings were spent out at the baseball field in our tiny town of Rio Vista, California watching the little league games. I have very fond memories of buying 5 cent pieces of licorice and running around the park talking with friends for hours upon end.

Even though Adam was two years younger, it didn't stop us from teasing and flirting with him while he played in his light blue uniform - we would often talk about the day when little kid Adam Kinser would be in high school and who would get to date him. As the years went on, we came to know him the nicest and most genuine kid there was. I mean....Adam was one in a million.

More than four years ago while in grad school in Illinois, I got the news that Adam had been killed while serving in Afghanistan. It completely shattered my heart to know that our friend Adam - only 21 years old, about to celebrate his one year anniversary with his wife and the birth of their first son - was gone. My only comfort was knowing his heart for God and that he would no longer have to face the constant hurt of life on earth.

I know I'm a day late since everyone will be reading this the day after Veteran's Day, but have been thinking of Adam today and still wanted to post it to honor him and his family - the Kinsers - on this day. Miss you much, buddy.

I wish I had a better picture of Adam, but this one I pulled from google will have to suffice.

If you'd like to know more about Adam, HERE is an article about his life and memorial service.


North Carolina Wedding Planner said...

Thanks for posting this Cheyenne... Adam seems like he was wonderful. So glad the memory of him lives on.

Shara Lana said...

So sorry to hear of Adam's family and friends loss but so thankful for all the heroes like Adam. God Bless his family and friends and may peace be yours in knowing he is a hero to so many.

Leah Bowman said...

Coming from a military rich family, I have a huge respect for those who are willing to give their lives for MY freedom.

I would like to say thanky you to Adam's family since I can't thank him for his service.

((HUGS)) Cheyenne. :)

Lisette Price Photography said...

Thank you for posting this Cheyenne. So many people tend to forget soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom. God Bless Adam's family. He truly is a hero.