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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sir Ellen Didymus Strikes Again

This past Wednesday evening Geoff and I decided to make our way to Target to look for a Halloween costume for Ellen (only because she would have been disappointed if she couldn't dress up this year......last year, she loved it...okay, not really - but we sure got a kick out of it). While we were standing in one of the aisles debating whether to get the pirate or the skunk, a girl walked by us, looked at the dog costumes, and then said to her boyfriend in a very nasty tone, "WHY would anyone dress up their dog??? It's so STUPID."

At first I was offended and shot her a nasty look when she turned away (I know - I'm a tough one)....then I began to think about what she said. IS dressing up my dog stupid? I mean, perhaps, yes. Well, most certainly....yes. She's right. Spending money on a costume that my dog will only wear for a couple of minutes at most so I can take a picture...is just plain ridiculous. While I'm willing to admit this, I still find enjoyment in seeing our little Ellen in character. While it is humiliating for her, she humors me just so I can have a few moments of complete and utter joy.

So - onto the real deal. I've mentioned before on this blog how much I think Ellen resembles Sir Didymus from Jim Henson's movie The Labyrinth. In fact, many months ago I posted this to prove my point:

Well, in honor of Halloween 2008, the time has come to take this to the next level. Introducing, Sir Ellen Didymus.

And, a slight wardrobe malfunction.

After we were finished she got a BIG dog treat as a reward for being so good in her costume. She didn't even know what to do with a treat that big...she usually only gets about a 1/10 of one.

Earlier this evening we shot the engagement session of Megan and Tate. After we finished, she asked if there would be a sneak peek - of course there will be! Here you go guys - we had fun tonight and can't wait for May!

It's SO late and I still have a ton to do before hitting the sack. We are shooting Jessica and Steve's wedding tomorrow and we can't wait. Check back on Sunday to see her bridal portraits......trust me....you'll want to because they are hot!

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Jesse Fender said...

Poor Ellen! You guys are so funny! :)