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Monday, November 17, 2008

Laura and Joe: Married - Charlotte City Club

Laura and Joe were married uptown at the gorgeous Charlotte City Club. I was so excited to shoot a wedding uptown just for the shooting locations. I just think it's so fun to run around while the passerby's gawk at the bride and groom and the cars honk their horns at the wedding party crossing the street. It's just fun.

These two are the absolute best. Their devotion to each other and to God was so evident throughout their special day. When you see them look at one another, you can tell how totally in love they are... reliving their wedding day through their pictures just brings a smile to my face.

Here are some of my faves from their wedding!

Beautiful Laura.

WHOA. This is hot. I love it.

Joe - workin' it!

Both Laura and Joe were BEAMING as she walked toward him.

After the ceremony we all hit the streets of uptown for some fun.

I posted this shot before for their sneak peek, but couldn't resist a repost.

LOVE this.

I loved how they used their engagement pictures for the table numbers - each number had a different picture.

Congratulations you guys! Best wishes for your marriage and new home in Canada! :)


Amanda Suanne said...

beautiful Job!! I love the shot of the bride walking down the isle and the guy behind her snapping a picture of her!!

Daniel and Candice: TBM Photography said...

cheyenne...you fail to disappoint! you rock!!!

it was fun walkin' the dogs yesterday...i think oli has a crush on ellen. we should so do it again..


Laura said...

fabulous, cheyenne and geoff! i could hardly wait to see these and promptly showed them to family and friends. they make me smile so big! such fantastic and beautiful memories to look back on!


Baby, your detail shots rock my face off! Beautiful post :)

Kristin Vining Photography said...

Your husband's comment has left me in hysterics! LOVE THESE!!

Katherine said...

Beautiful!!!!! I love all these shots. So I gotta ask - did they see each other before the ceremony or not? :)

Autumn Gibson said...

all great shots! really like the detail shots :)

Cheyenne Schultz said...

amanda - thanks, girlfriend!

candice - thank you! YES....we def need to have a walking date again....I was just so happy ellen was sweet to oli!

laura - so glad you like them! your wedding day was SO beautiful. :)))

baby - love you!

kristin - yes, makes me laugh too. :) thanks for your comment!

katherine - nope - they stayed apart into ceremony time...it was tricky, but we managed. :)

autumn - thank you so much!

Eileen said...

What a beautiful pictures the two of you took! You did a fabulous job of capturing the joy on my sister and brother-in-law's faces. Can't wait for Laura to show me the rest of them!

Leah Bowman said...

STUNNING!!!!!!! I don't even have words... just stunning! :)