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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ginger and Dean: Married!

We couldn't have asked for nicer weather for Ginger and Dean's wedding day on the beach in Topsail, NC. Apparently the weekend before it was nasty due to a hurricane, so we really were appreciating the sun.

Beach weddings are always so fun to shoot, as the whole tone of the day is very relaxed and go with the flow. No one is stressed out - everyone just seems to let every care in the world fly out the window and to allow themselves to truly enjoy the day. In fact, at Ginger and Dean's wedding - I was the only one who was slightly stressing as I watched the sun set lower and lower prior to the sunset ceremony. We were just a tad late getting started, but even the tad can make all the difference when shooting a ceremony and family portraits afterward using only available light. After the ceremony was over, I was like a MACHINE trying to fit in all of the pictures....but we made it! Whenever we are shooting under circumstances that are out of our control, I always try my best to stay calm and roll with the punches.....but somehow, that little part of me who is a serious control freak....always manages to peek her way out. I guess it's a healthy balance. :)

Lovin' those blue skies!

A special note to Ginger from her dad.

Geoff did great work with Dean and the guys.

Even though I know Ginger doesn't like pictures of herself when she laughs, I couldn't resist posting this one, as I think it showcases her personality perfectly....plus, she looks super cute. :)

Ginger's mom looking on at Ginger and her dad at the top of the aisle. I love this emotion.


And yeah...the sunset was amazing.

And finally, I leave you with a fun shot Geoff got playing with some timed exposures.

Congrats Ginger and Dean - love you guys! :)


hubby said...

i love the B&W shot you got of the reception! looks great as always baby... MUAH!

Leah Bowman said...

Stunning, stunning, stunning.

Maryann said...

gosh y'all. great work. reminds me of the gorgeous shots you took at our beach wedding. brought back great memories. love y'all.

Karen Schultz said...

Tell Ginger she looks great when she laughs...it is a gift...and the photo lets us "onlookers" share in her natural joy of the day. Tell her to keep laughing. Beautiful wedding and pics.