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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Reida and Brandon: Engaged!

Reida and Brandon will be married in less than ONE MONTH!

I was so glad that we weren't booked when Reida contacted us initially to shoot her wedding. She was referred to us by Erika (who is ALSO getting married this month), as they are both NC knotties.

Geoff and I shot Reida and Brandon's engagement pictures in South End last month. I know she's been going crazy to see them since we took them!

Brandon was kind of uneasy about the shoot when we started, but was definitely warmed up by the end. Reida told me she had prepped him beforehand by making him study previous shoots on my blog - I love it. :) Seriously, these two together are FUNNY. I was cracking up watching them interact the whole time.

One day Geoff happened to drive by this old gas pump and since then was wanting to shoot at it. What a great find - lucky for us, they didn't hesitate when we mentioned it. I love these.

LOVE this one!

The light was just gorgeous.

Get it, Brandon!

And then, as I rounded a corner, I discovered THE MOST AWESOME pink wall. Props to Reida and Brandon for braving the creepy crawlers that lived near it.

We'll see you two VERY soon! :)))


Anonymous said...

Reida, you and Brandon look awesome! Cheyenne, as always your work is fabulous! Can't wait to see you in two weeks! Reida and Brandon will be guests at my wedding so you can see each other.

Anonymous said...

Reida, I love the one with the head chopped off right above the eye brow. It's so freaking artistic and cutting edge. I'm so excited to share our photographer. Your friend Erika.

Heather said...

I love them all but the last is too cool!!! Great job!

hubby said...

awesome job baby!

Rachel Brooke said...

That 1st shot is awesome and so is the "evoke" "empathy" shot!

Anonymous said...

I love the "premium" gas tank...how fitting for what seems to be a "premium" couple.

Lisette Price Photography said...

How cool is that pink wall with the words? Beautifully creative shots!