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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Gift

I spent yesterday afternoon on my couch editing and watching Roseanne simultaneously. It was a fairly peaceful afternoon until Ellen began barking like a rabid dog. Someone was at the front door.

As soon as I opened it I saw the man in the brown uniform and knew EXACTLY what he was there for. This wonderful man was there to bring me a gift. A gift I have been dying to get my hands on for quite awhile.

That's right, folks. I am the proud owner of a beautiful 5D camera body. :)


Tracy (Serendipity Images) said...

Oooh, now that's a beautiful gift to get!! You had a very lucky UPS man for being the bearer of such a thing! I always look forward to the mail being delivered ... my husband thinks I'm nuts, but I'm always hoping for something good! =)

Heather said...

Oh my word you are going to LOVE it! It is like a magic wand!! Ok not really but I do feel pretty silly when I use my 30d now and I can't figure out why my pictures don't turn out as pretty! hahaha

ahutch said...

Let's pause while I drool a little. So jealous! Baby steps...

So glad to hear you got to assist Dave! :-) Hope you enjoyed it... and if you didn't let me know and I'll beat him up for being mean to you. ;-)

Matt said...

I want to upgrade to a 5d here soon!!! What have you been shooting with?

Cheyenne Schultz said...

Tracy - I'm OBSESSED with getting mail. Geoff knows not to open any mail if he gets to it first!

Heather - I can't WAIT to try it out!

Amy - I had a great time 2nd shooting for Dave - he is SUPER nice. :) But thanks for the offer - good to know who's got my back. :)

Matt - I've been shooting with the 40D up until this point - I can't wait to see the difference with the 5!