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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Seth and Stephanie: Married!

Seth and Stephanie were married on the fourth of July. That's right - not a typo - FOURTH OF JULY. Dang, I'm SOOOO behind on blogging!

Last night as I was going through picking out some of my favorites for the blog, Geoff looked over at my screen and said, "geez, they look like they are straight out of a magazine or something." Um, yeah....Seth and Stephanie are one good looking couple!

I have been so anxious to blog this wedding, as I knew we got some great shots. The ceremony and reception were held at The Point Lake and Golf Club in Mooresville.....seriously beautiful venue, right on Lake Norman.

When we got there, the coordinator told me Stephanie would be getting ready in the ladies room. At first hearing this, I was a little nervous as to what the bathroom would actually look like. As soon as I walked in to see the red walls and black and white tiled flooring, I was SUPER excited. I couldn't have asked for a better getting ready space to shoot in.

I loved Stephanie's shoes.

With the ceremony start time literally 5 minutes away, we didn't have a whole lot of time to do Stephanie's bridal photos. So what did we do? "Stephanie, how about you just hop on up to the sink." Although her mom looked at us like we were nuts, Stephanie didn't hesitate. Again, I love it when my brides give me total control and trust my vision.

The bridal party was few in numbers, but perfect for their wedding day. Seth's sisters were his groomsmaids :) and Stephanie's sister was her maid of honor. Love the umbrellas!

Seth - looking super hot!

It's a good thing the ceremony was set up under a pavilion, as it started sprinkling soon after the start.

This very well may be my favorite first kiss shot ever.

(my view)

(Geoff's view)

Not only were these umbrellas cute, but they were functional (well, semi-functional). :)

It basically rained throughout our time for their mini portrait session, which was a bummer, as Geoff and I had scouted a lot of cool places to take them. So, we were confined to be underneath the pavilion. Even so, Stephanie and Seth still rocked it out!

Ummm....LOVE it. Seriously.

When Geoff and I first got to the property, we were a bit lost and stopped in to a convenience store to ask for directions. When we saw the huge lollipops, we thought...."why not?". We busted this guy out for their last couple of shots - just for fun.

Details - I LOVED all of the floral arrangements and centerpieces!

First dance....precious.

And their cake? Yeah.....loved it. I especially loved that it was placed in front of this mirror - made for some cool shots.

Candy bar! My fave.

Stephanie and Seth's family and friends were definitely the dancing type. The dance floor was packed the whole reception!

I always love a sparkler send-off!

Congratulations Seth and Stephanie - thanks for everything!


Amanda Suanne said...

gorgeous wedding!! You did an excellent job (as usual) capturing the joy and emotion of the day :D Love em' !!

Amy Martin said...

Great job Cheyenne! :)

Lisette Price Photography said...

Wow I love this wedding! You guys hit this one out of the park. :) And a gorgeous couple too!

Tracy (Serendipity Images) said...

Lovely work my friend! A beautiful job as always!

Lauren-Sweet Magnolia Photography said...

Ummm holy cow girl this is awesome!!!!! I love all the fun details!

Caroline Ghetes said...

Great job on these photos! They are so beautiful! I especially love the first photos. I know I can't live without my Totally Rad's, can you? LOL!

Cheyenne Schultz said...

Amanda - thanks, girl!

Amy - :) can't wait to hang out soon!

Lisette - I know - they are SO pretty. :)

Tracy - thanks so much!

Lauren - I was obsessed with all of the details - everything was BEAUTIFUL!

Caroline - um....yeah.....love my TRA! :)

Jill Higgins said...

Hey girl - love the bride's happy expressions that you captured. And the whirly pop shot is way too cute.

hubby said...

awesome post baby...you did fabulous as usual :) MUAH!

Shane said...

Great moments, Cheyenne... your photography is just going through the roof. Beautiful work.

Leah Bowman said...

I LOVE these! The sink pictures are fab! Way to use what you've got! She had every right to trust you! :) The kiss is an amazing shot too, and the kissing under the umbrella... to sweet!

Rachel Brooke said...

Woah, I love so many of these - the rain shot, the processing on the 1st one, the same one that you loved. These are awesome!

Courtney Craver Photography said...

Great job! I love the ones of her in the bathroom...

Anonymous said...

That little boy sleeping on the dance floor was precious.

A beautiful wedding captured in style!


Jessica Chapman said...

Cheyenne, I love your work! wonderful stuff.