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Monday, August 11, 2008

Bella the Dog

Meet Bella and her mom, Anna.

I had so much fun with Riggs, that I was really looking forward to another dog shoot. I really do love dogs and jump at the chance to be around them.

Bella was sweet. And very playful. AND, she has one of the longest tongues I've ever seen. All of these were shot at Anna's backyard and house.

See what I mean about that tongue? :)

It was definitely a warm evening - after awhile of playing with the tennis ball, we headed inside for a water break.....

....and a little rest.

After about 10 minutes, Bella was ready to go again - looking pretty in her bandana.

Love this one. :)


Caroline Ghetes said...

Awwww! Bella is sooo cute! I had three boxers, just before moving to Charlotte and looking at your photos here just made me miss them so much! There is a goofiness about boxers that I love so much, and Bella's tongue just magnifies it. Wonderful job on your photos of her! (BTW, see u at Jeremy Igo's tomorrow nite!)

Vanessa said...

how sweet!!! Holy moly she does have a long tongue and love how mom dressed her up in her cute bandanna!

Lauren said...

I love dog shoots, too :D These are great, Cheyenne. They really seem to capture his goofy personality and overflowing energy!

Cheyenne Schultz said...

caroline - thanks so much! and yes - I'll see you tonight...looking forward to it! :)

vanessa - i know, right?! her tongue is CRAZY.

lauren - thanks, girl!

Tiffany Q. said...

Cheyenne- I love these pictures! If I were closer I would definately have you get pics of my two "kids" Greta and Sampson....

Her tongue is awesome!


April Hollingsworth said...

boxers rock...and so do you

Maryann Barnwell said...

as a fellow boxer owner and lover, i would LOVE to have you do this with me and sammy one day. great work, girl!

Lori Campbell said...

She is such a sweet baby! My baby sister and I assisted my Dad with breeding boxers when we were little. They hold a very special place in my heart. Can't wait to get my first boxer now that I'm grown - waiting on the house and the yard first though! She's gorgeous - thanks for sharing her Cheyenne! ~LC

Rolf Loken Photography said...

Wow - great shots of the cute pup. I really like the one of Bella resting. It's funny, our dog was named Bella when we rescued her from the York County Humane Society. Although she is very beautiful, we had to rename her to "Hokie". If anyone is looking for a dog, please try to save a pup if you can. http://www.hsyc.com

Cheyenne Schultz said...

Tiffany - wish you were closer too! I would love to meet Greta and Sampson!

April - thanks!

Maryann - of course I thought of you the most when this post went up! And yes, we'll definitely have to do a photo shoot with Sammy!

Lori - I'm so glad you like them. You are too sweet. :)

Rolf - how funny! and thanks for posting that link - the next dog we get will be from a shelter - I can't wait for Ellen to have a playmate!