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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Night Reflections

I know I already blogged today, but we're in between coats of paint (just one final coat left, thank you very much!) so I thought I would write a bit.

One of my favorite pastor's (next to my pastor - Steven Furtick, that is) is Perry Noble of Newspring Church. Each Sunday evening he posts "Sunday Night Reflections", so I figured I would do the same tonight. Just a few random thoughts and happenings of today:

1. This morning we woke up to thunder and lightening, which usually scares me, but this morning I loved.

2. We woke up earlier than usual and hit up the 8:30am service at Elevation. By 8:35am I was crying - in fact, I was a mess. God was rocking me big time as we watched something very similar to this:

3. Geoff and I hit up the big bridal show at the convention center that happens twice per year - we didn't have a booth - just went for fun. Maybe it's dumb, but I just like to walk around with my Starbucks latte and see what all of the vendors have come up with for their booths. Also, it was great to see some of our photographer friends, as well as to meet new people - some of which we'll be working with in the near future.

4. Tomorrow I'm looking forward to a very full day of EDITING and hope to have Seth and Stephanie's wedding ready to blog!

5. Painting is getting REALLY old and I'm SO happy we are almost done!

6. Next Sunday Elevation opens its THIRD campus....this one is uptown at the McGlohan Theatre on College Street. This evening we drove up there for a little preview of what it will be like. And seriously - it was flipping AWESOME. You can't deny that God is doing SERIOUS things with our church. It is only a little over two years old, which started out with something like 12 people. Today, it is named as the 8th fastest growing church in America and has EXPLODED with over 3,500 people in attendance weekly. Insane. INSANE! Next week they start a new series - and in the words of our pastor - it's going to be on like Donkey Kong. If you're in Charlotte you AT LEAST need to check this place out once - seriously, come and see what all of the hype is about!

Tonight was awesome for me. It made me think about a lot of things, specifically about my business. There really is no other explanation for why my photography business has grown as it has and has become a success in just one very short year other than it being ALL God. I became SO comforted and SO encouraged by acknowledging His presence in my life and my photography. I know that this is what He wants for me at this point in my life because it is Him that has all authority in my business. I truly believe that He holds my present and my future in His hands - He could make me or break me in a second. And for that, all of the glory goes to Him.

7. Whoa - that was a lot....alright - back to painting!

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Anonymous said...

Powerful video! Really makes you look at your own life.