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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Bad Day Emails"

I have a folder in my email account that is marked "Bad Day Emails" - it's just like it sounds - when I'm having a bad day, I hit up the folder in search of something that will bring me a little dash of cheer. It's full of emails, pictures and links to videos that I've collected over the years - when I read/look at/watch, I can't help but feel a little better.

Like this email with a random Napoleon Dynamite quote I got from my friend Julie during grad school:

>>> Julie Zeller 1/21/2005 8:55:31 PM >>>
coccyx - a small, triangular bone at the base of the spine.

as in...
" your gramma took a little spill at the sand dunes today. broke her coccyx"

Or this picture of my friend Jenna's dog - Augie - in one of his MANY costumes.

Or this one of the three grad students I used to supervise while working at Clemson - they surprised me by having their portraits taken with Santa at Walmart - they knew me all too well about what would make my day.

Anyway, I feel blue tonight. I just got home from shooting a birthday party, which went great and was a lot of fun - but I still just feel down.

Sometimes I find that doubt creeps in unsuspectingly and consumes me with feeling like I'm just not good enough. Ugh - it's a horrible feeling. A lot of the time when I'm feeling it, it is difficult to get myself out of.

So, I often find myself digging into my bad day email folder for this video clip. It's about a 13 year old that calls into a radio station with an incredibly touching message. My favorite bit is at the end when he talks about how God understands and that we just need to run to Him. It's just so dang true - there's so much comfort in knowing how God feels about me, how I will ALWAYS be good enough for Him to love me, and how all He wants is for me to run to Him.


Anonymous said...

Just a word - owning your own business can be scary - there's something about that steady paycheck from working at a "regular" job. But the fact of the matter is that you can always lose that steady job - there are no guarantees - only one for those of us who know Jesus as personal savior - and that is enough. God has given you an incredible talent to capture the memories of those special events and people in our lives. You are an incredible artist with extraordinary talent. Enjoy it, use it, and trust Him to provide. Be anxious for nothing!
Kay C

Kristin Vining Photography said...

C - it was SO good to see you last night...even if it was just an elevator ride. I wish we would have had more time to talk and catch up, but I know what it is like getting geared up for the job at hand. You looked beautiful and I'm certain the pictures from the party are ROCKIN'! God has blessed you with an amazing talent and a sweet spirit. Stay strong in your self and NEVER doubt your abilities! You are going to go very far...I know it! :) Have a WONDERFUL DAY!

Stephanie Owens said...

Hi Cheyenne...

My name is Steph Owens and I now live in Jax, FL- moved here 5 yrs ago with my hubby- but I noticed that the santa is the same one I had my son's first photo taken with at the mall in Rock Hill.. How awesome is that- you never see that! Much fun! I may be up this weekend as a matter of fact for a shoot with my best friend and her fiance. Keep the great blogs coming- and I look at the yucky days as a way to really appreciate the good ones. The first thing I did when I bought my Canon was to lay it on the alter at church and my hubby and I prayed over it and my business- for me it is only on the side, but look forward to (even the bad days) of it being my only job... Best to you. Steph

Caroline Ghetes said...

Thank you for posting this. I cried the whole time, because it was just what I needed to hear. God bless you. What I have learned recently is to never put my trust in money. That I should never determine my success and my financial stability or artistic ability by trusting in the things of this world or in my ability alone. But that through Jesus, I can grow as an artist and that by depending wholly on Him, and needing Him in every aspect of my life, that He will take care of me and whatever I go through. Remember that also, Cheyenne. (BTW, I had fun at Jeremy Igo's party.I wish we could hae talked more, but maybe I will see you there again in a few weeks ; ) God bless!

Julie said...

HA!!!!!!!! I am laughing so hard right now. Just the thought of our obnoxiousness at WIU in the office makes me wonder what the heck they were thinking hiring us. Plus, what is funnier than Gramma taking a spill at the sand dunes. I mean, really!
I'm sorry you had a bad day, but I love that you keep things around to get you out of a funk when you need to. Love you!