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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"I Want To Spend a Day With Scarlett"

In between blue taping and putting primer on our office walls Saturday, Geoff and I went down the road from our house to get the perfect shot of Ellen and I for a contest we entered.

I was super excited to see that Scarlett Lillian announced this contest, as I've always wanted to enter one like it. Here were the rules:

1. Be creative!
2. Girls: Put on your most FABULOUS pair of high heels. Guys: Your hottest tie!
3. Make a sign that says "I Want to Spend a Day With Scarlett!"
4. Get your friend/spouse/kid/whoever to take a picture of you holding the sign in your most fabulous shoes or tie.

We decided to partner my "I want to spend a day with Scarlett" sign with a sign for Ellen as well that said, "...and I want to spend a day with Rhett", who is Scarlett's beloved dog. As it turns out, my idea wasn't all that original - a lot of people thought to include their dogs!

Winning the contest aside - the two of us really had fun setting this up and shooting it (Ellen - not so much - she got really tired of us making her sit still). Really, it was nice to spend some time together doing something with our photography totally just for fun. Between dodging cars and trains, wrangling Ellen, pointing my toe in my high heels this way and that - we were exhausted by the end of the shoot!

Here's what we came up with...(taken with our new 5D!) - so what do you think?

If you ask my opinion - my shoes are dang hot and my dog is basically THE CUTEST smiling dog EVER. :)

She's broken it down into three categories - Ellen and I are posted today under "Contest Finalists 2" which are all of the dog entries. I was so excited to see that Charlotte wedding planner Alyse from A Perfect Engagement entered her and her dog Kiki, which is the shot right below mine...love it! You can vote once for each day - the top three will compete for the overall winning spot.

And now the fun part - get on over to Scarlett's Blog to VOTE for your favorite!


hubby said...

I have the BEST family EVER!!!

Heather Houston said...

I voted for ya!!!! =)

Robin said...

I stalk your blog all the time and admire your artistry. You are winning in the poll!! Yay!

Robin - WV

Jesse Fender said...

You are so fun and creative! Ellen is so cute and has awesome parents! I def had to go vote for you and saw you were in the lead!!! Yah!!

Tracy (Serendipity Images) said...

What a fun shot... I"m going to go vote for you right now! =)

Tracy (Serendipity Images) said...

You're winning by a landslide!

By the way, thank you SO much for the sweet message you left me the other day. Your encouragement meant a lot to me. I signed up for the website you suggested ... I'd stumbled across it on Google before, but never joined. Thanks for the suggestion! =)

Are you going to Homecoming this year?

Kristin Vining Photography said...

Voted!! :)

Cheyenne Schultz said...

baby - love you!

heather - thanks, girl! so great to see you the other day!

robin - thanks for your vote! :)

jesse - you are the best - you always make me feel so great about myself!

tracy - you are most welcome. Opensource has been awesome for me! I wish so much i could make it for homecoming (especially since this is my 5 year reunion...crazy it's been that long!), but I just live to dang far away!

kristin - thanks, girl! :)

Amy Martin said...

So cute! :)

jennyevelyn said...

I love how your dog has one ear flopped! Really cute! Thanks for the strong competition :)

Lisette Price Photography said...

Can I tell you how much I love this picture? :) I voted for you!

pinkcoffee photoart said...

Hey Cheyenne! You voted for me in Scarlett's competition, so I just wanted to say "Thanks a Bunch!!" Your pic is awesome. :)

April Hollingsworth said...

Thanks for the comment, but yours is better than mine!

ahutch said...

I am TOTALLY voting for you. That's the best I've seen, yet. :-)

Rolf Loken Photography said...

Great photo. You got my vote! :-D

SJB Weddings & Events said...

I voted!! I spend a week sick and away from my blog stalking and I miss a great contest like this! :)