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Friday, March 14, 2008

Sir Ellen Didymus

Hands down....my all time favorite movie is Jim Henson's The Labyrinth. You remember.... timeless wonder David Bowie in those hot white tights.....bhwahhaaaa!

My brother Ryan and I know every single word of The Labyrinth - don't ever watch it with us because we have no choice but to recite it line by line. When I was little we would watch it daily off of the video taped version my grandma got off of HBO. We'd sit in front of the tv with our microwaved chocolate mini donuts and cheese whiz nachos (a clue into how I got my start as the junk food junkie I am today) looking forward to the appearance of our favorite characters - I'm pretty sure Ryan's was the little blue worm at the beginning. Mine was Sir Didymus....the fearless fox-dog.

As Ellen has gotten older, more and more people have commented on her resemblance to Sir Didymus. Christy commented in the post below about this, so I thought it appropriate to do a side by side comparison.

What do you think?



Anonymous said...

Holy smokes - How funny is that!
Love you! xoxo, Jax

Lisa Walsh said...

LOL! I have one of the songs from that soundtrack on my iPod! That was one of my favorite movies for part of my teenage years.

Monika Jones said...

How cute we do have a condenser for a look alike! �� haha! Well, my dog is a Chinese crested hairless dog. His name is actually Sir Didymus! We call him Diddy, Didders, Didder-Doo, Didymus - Doodle-head.... I think he's a contender too! What do you think? Crap, I don't know how to add or post a picture from here