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Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Last First Day of School

Early January of 2005 my grad school roommate (Christy) and I congratulated each other on our LAST first day of school EVER. I knew I wasn't going back to school for my Ph.D (I'm just not the type - as cool as it seems, research and dissertations are most definitely not my thing), so this was IT.

I felt great as I walked out of the cute green house we had called home for the previous year and a half - I was walking toward my future and away from my then current lifestyle. I was excited at the prospect of actually having a job and that when I went home at the end of the day, the work stopped - there were no articles to read, no papers to write, no journals to research. NOTHING. Mostly, I was excited to say goodbye to my practice of waiting until midnight the night before a project was due to start thinking about it and then curling myself up in a ball under Christy's desk crying because it would never get done. Ugh, I don't miss those days.

Well, apparently I was wrong. Last night marked yet another first day of "school" for me. I am taking a six week photography class at the Light Factory and I'm crazy excited! I wish I would've had this kind of enthusiasm during my undergrad and grad school years - going to class in those days was mostly considered by me as being a chore. This time, I'm not even dreading my homework - I can't wait to do my homework! Ha....what a dork.

I've decided I can't have a blog post without a picture. Here's a blast from the past - my friend Halee and I on our first day of high school. Wasn't I the coolest? If it gives you any idea of what I was like as a 14 year old, my greatest love in life was Kurt Cobain. Oh hell...why do I tell people that?



Christy Bear Photography said...

HA! You just made me laugh out loud :) I just got this perfect image of you curled up under my desk near the heater protesting against horrible writing assignments. I think you slept there for hours, just precious. But I'm so glad you're taking classes again! And this time the descriptions sound amazing :) and you won't have to worry about anyone asking, "is developed better?" HA :)

Anonymous said...

HA! You just made me laugh out loud too - but it's because I remember the Kurt shrine you had in your bedroom! xoxo

Scarlett Lillian said...

LOLOLOL, love the photo!