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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Here We Go Again....

Let's start with December goals and then I'll give you the update on the Frank saga. So here's what I've got going this month:


1) Make m&m christmas cookies for Geoff to take into work.

2) Get all of our Christmas shopping done and shipped out by December 17 (we haven't started yet - this could be trouble).

3) Update the website in preparation for the new branding launch next month.

4) Clean my car (yes, I know....it's on here AGAIN).

5) Get our finances in order.

6) Get caught up with all editing. This, my friends, is going to be the end of me. Luckily, I've enlisted the help of a certain someone who lives in this house to help me get through it all. Here's the next few things coming up:

Julie and Pat's wedding
Rebecca and Thomas's engagement session
Allison and Don's wedding

7) Continue making it a priority to read/pray/journal each morning.

8) Figure out whether we want to purchase the 24 1.4 or the 35 1.4 - any recommendations out there between the two?

9) Shoot the roof off of Elevation's Christmas Eve services uptown at Belk Theatre - you do NOT want to miss this - if you are in Charlotte December 23rd or 24th, get yourself to a service....details found HERE.

10) Go into the new year with ZERO emails in my inbox.

11) And lastly, work to find Frank a home.


Yes, you heard right. Frank is back with us for the time being. The past few days have been a total emotional rollercoaster for me. I've gone from peace to sorrow to relief to stressed (should you want to see a full serving of my dramatics saying goodbye to him over the weekend, you can click HERE - or, just scroll down to the post before last) .....I think I've come full circle and have now landed on peace.

As it turns out, Frank doesn't do so well with cats. He isn't mean to them....he's just super excited about them and chases them. The family that took him has six cats, which over the course of a couple of days, proved to be a big enough problem that they thought it best to return him to us.

At first, feeling like we were back to the drawing board with finding him a home, I was pretty stressed about it. But, overtime, I've refocused and know that this is an opportunity for me to put my trust not in myself but back into God. He is in control and will work it out how and when he sees fit.

So, we are still on the hunt. Best case scenario would probably be an owner/family who has a heart for rescued dogs, loves big dogs, has no cats in the home, and has a yard that Frank could run around in. A couple other sidenotes - he's not "a chewer", he does really well with other dogs (even snippy, nasty little one's like our two girls), and he loves to cuddle and play. I actually think he would do super well with a family with kids.

There you have it - if you could continue to keep your ears out for anyone looking to adopt the nicest, sweetest dog alive, let that would be great. :)


whitney elizabeth said...

get the 24 1.4...hands down!

Jackie said...

Cheyenne! I feel so bad for Frank (and the prego hormones make me want to cry), but at the same time I'm happy he is with you again - maybe it's meant to be! I think it'd be a bit much to send him to Phoenix, and Garrett would probably kill me (2 chihuahuas, Frank, and a baby - probably grounds for divorce)...so, if you're not going to keep him, I think you should give him to your mother for Christmas - she loves dogs! And, I'm sure she'll love my suggestion! (xoxo Sallee) I really wish I knew someone in that area that wanted a cute guy like this though!

Anonymous said...

Did you ever see a dog smile like this one can?