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Friday, December 25, 2009

All I Want For Christmas...

Christmas has come and gone, but Frank is still wishing to find himself a permanent home.

If you aren't familiar with his story, you can check it out HERE, HERE, and HERE.

We're thinking the best case scenario for Frank would be:

- to have an owner/family who has a heart for rescued dogs (and who loves big dogs - Frank is 55 lbs.)

- to have a home with no cats

- to have a fenced in yard that he could run around in

- bonus points if he would have a brother or sister to play with - he loves other dogs

If you know of anyone that could meet the above criteria, please send them this blog post or have them email me at Cheyenne.Schultz @ gmail dot com


ANGELA HUBBARD | Hubbard Photography said...

I wish I could take him :(

Maryann said...

we meet all of those criteria ya know. . . ed would flip if we took on another dog though. he's also scared that pearl and sammy would hurt him. gosh cheyenne, he is sooooo cute. send ed a msg and tell him how bad he needs a home. . .

Michelle Guzman said...

This is such a cute card. I hope you find an AMAZING new home for him! He is too adorable!!