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Monday, December 21, 2009

Palmer Building - Melissa and Diego - Part One

As I watched Melissa laughing hysterically as Diego spun Geoff around while teaching him to salsa at his wedding reception, I had a moment of pure joy that reminded me how much I really love this job that we have. Not only do we get the chance to photograph people on their best day - their wedding day - but we get to make friends. Melissa and Diego became just that to us.

Their wedding day - November 7th - was all things gorgeous. Ceremony at St. Gabriel's; Reception at The Palmer Building - the weather, the couple, the baby, the decor....everything was gorgeous. Alyse of Alyse Woodward Events blew this one out of the water.

Makeup - Elizabeth Tolley
Hair - Fuze Salon
Flowers - Pam of Flowers from the Cellar
Wedding Planner - Alyse Woodward Events

Melissa and Diego's little boy - Sandro. Adorable, sweet, chunky Sandro. :)

No words for how over-the-top-flipping-beautiful Melissa was on her wedding day.....not one.

When I saw the berries that were incorporated into the bouquets, my jaw dropped. Pam rocked the house for real.

Can you BELIEVE this light we had?! Best light all year.

I melted into a puddle as I shot the look on Diego's face as Melissa walked toward him. Goodness, he loves her.

Tomorrow will feature portraits and reception. Come back to see. :)


Alyse Woodward Events - North Carolina Wedding Planner said...

Cheyenne Schultz you just made my day :) I can't WAIT for tomorrow! Those pictures of Melissa are so ridiculously incredible. Stunning.

Melissa said...

Cheyenne...Thank you for doing such a ridiculously AMAZING job on capturing our wedding day, these pictures brought tears to my eyes...and how adorable is my lil' chunky monkey ;-)...you are AWESOME...we love you!! :-)

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Amazing as always! I love the shots with the girls and their bouquets :) And of course, the cute baby :)

Amy Martin said...

She is STUNNING! and i LOVE the florals! Great job!

Stephanie said...

I looove her dress!!! Beautiful photos as always, Cheyenne & Geoff :)

Clara said...

Melissa is seriously stunning!! Awesome pictures :)

Kristen Stewart said...


Thanks for putting the program we designed first on this posting; that makes us proud. We so enjoyed working with Alyse and Melissa on her ceremony and reception stationery. Thanks again for giving us a photographic "shout out"

Pam said...

This is my precious niece. Everyone I have shown these pictures to thought they were models for magazines and I agree they should be. This speaks to your photography ability Cheyenne. Thank you very much!