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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Palmer Building - Melissa and Diego - Part Two

As promised....part two of Melissa and Diego's wedding! Their wedding is definitely in the top 5 for 2009 - one of the reasons for this was due to the fact that they gave us TWO HOURS for pictures following the ceremony. It was awesome.

Sandro was passed out after the ceremony, but we woke him up for a couple shots with mom and dad before grandma took him home .

The initial plan was to do a send-off at the church, but on the day of the wedding it was discovered that no flowers are allowed to be thrown at the church. So, Melissa and Diego's wedding planner - Alyse - gave us the petals to have a little fun with the bridal party.

LOVE this.

Two seconds after this shot was taken, the bridal party scattered, as they realized they were about to walk straight into a hornets nest....yikes.

We even had time to drive close to uptown for a couple skyline shots.

Again, big shout-out to planner Alyse Woodward and Flowers from the Cellar for the decor concept and design. Perfect for a November wedding.

Catering by Best Impressions
Cake by Decadent Designs
DJ by All the Right Grooves

Love these escort cards. Printed by Three Little Birds.

This shot of Melissa with her mom makes me happy. :)

Last but not least - here is Diego and Geoff.....dancing up some salsa.

Congratulations Melissa and Diego - love you guys.


Anonymous said...

love the details!

Briony said...

these are gorgeous. i love the way you used the light. beautiful set.

hubby said...

Great job on the post babe! You've done it again :)

Katherine Little said...

These photos belong in a magazine!!!! Seriously beautiful!!!

Melissa said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these...Thank you again...you and Geoff are amazing :-)

Gail said...

What a GORGEOUS couple! The rose petal shots are my fave!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful wedding, beautiful bride, and beautiful photography!

Michelle Guzman said...

Sigh. These are GORGEOUS!!! You are so talented. :)