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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Peninsula Club - Katherine and Ryan - Married

The morning of October 24th, 2009, Geoff and I met friends for breakfast....and it was POURING down BUCKETS of rain. You can imagine our complete delight to find blue (insanely blue) skies as we drove to The Peninsula Club a few hours later for Katherine and Ryan's outdoor wedding. And the fall leaves????.....SO incredibly vibrant. A perfect fall day for a wedding for sure.

Gorgeous, Katherine. Hair and makeup by Heather from The Look; flowers by Party Blooms.

Katherine and Ryan decided on a "First Look" to see each other before the ceremony, which always helps with the flow of the wedding day and provides us with enough time for pictures. As soon as I saw this hill in front of these crazy skies, I knew it was the spot I wanted to shoot Katherine and Ryan seeing each other for the first time as bride and groom.

See what I mean about the fall color?!

After the family pictures and a few bridal party shots following the ceremony, we had a few minutes to spare to shoot even more pictures of Ryan and Katherine together on the docks.

Usually I have Geoff help me choose when I am between two shots to blog.....but, since he's not here right now, I have to put both. Which do you prefer?


or, #2

Katherine's dress was truly incredible.....her bustle had something like 17 points to it!

Love this shot as Ryan and Katherine enjoy their dinner.

Awesome Bethany of All the Right Grooves DJ'ed the reception.

Congratulations, Katherine and Ryan!!!! :)


J Horton said...

YAY! Katherine and Ryan, they're awesome folks!

Jessica said...

I like shot #1.
and that lens shot is incredible!

amy free said...

Um yeah girl... keep bringing the inspiration.

Allison Thomas said...

Beautiful! I love the shot where they are kissing at dinner. And I vote for shot #2.
Yay Katherine!!! Your wedding day was gorgeous!

DC Photographic said...

I absolutely love your style! Great work!

Katherine Little said...

Aww, thanks everyone! :) These are so beautiful, they bring tears to my eyes because they are SO vivid and bring back all the emotion from the day. Cheyenne and Geoff, y'all rock so much, xoxo!! :-D

missjulierae said...

I really like the dangling necklace, so simple but so dainty!

And the docks, fantastic!

Cristy Cross said...

Hello fabulous Schultz Photographers! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of them seeing each other for the first time-broad view of her coming up behind him with all that green. And the one of them in the left corner with all the green and hills. BEAUTIFUL!

Eve said...

For the rings choice, I vote for #1. Gorgeous gorgeous fotos!!! And I hadn't seen me dancing with Aunt Mary before - that is precious! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a stalker and rarely post, I know, that's so not cool. But you asked a direct question of your readers =) I vote #2. Beautiful images as always!

Karen Schultz said...

OH MY GOSH....I love everyone of these....I love that distant hill shot ...I love all of these, Cheyenne!


the LOOK, on location hair and makeup said...

you are so talented girl!! Love the 2nd ring shot best (with the 2 leaves) Katherine and gals were so great to work with on Hair/Makeup. I loved them.....great gang.