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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October Goals

Okay, so I know I'm a few days late in blogging my October goals....better late than never, right? :)

Before we get into October's - here's a quick report on what goals were met in September:

1. Have an uptown date night with Geoff
2. Update and renew our equipment/liability insurance
3. Organize our new client folders
4. Get caught up with paying our sales tax
5. Send my grandma a present for her 70th birthday
6. Do something fun for Labor Day
7. Figure out what to do with the excess furniture in our living room
8. Visit the Old Tyme Marketplace

LOVED this place - picked up this super cute container for the kitchen.

9. Network with one new wedding related vendor
10. Take Ellen and Jazzy to the vet

And here's a few pics of my happy, healthy girls.


Here is my listing for October goals:

1. Finish decorating/painting the living room

2. Deep clean of the inside of my car

3. Deep clean my entire house before my mom and step-dad get in from California

4. Edit the pictures we took of my family on our trip to CA

5. Get our Pickpic merchant account set-up

6. Finish new logo/begin new blog

7. Make contact with our accountant to discuss accountant type things

8. Order four client albums currently in production

9. Design and order new parent album sample (DONE!)

10. Get new privilege license

11. Set up an "us" shoot for Geoff and I

12. Have a pumpkin patch trip/carving pumpkins date

13. Make pumpkin bread

14. Develop a list of magazines for submissions and submit some weddings for publication

15. Implement Geoff and Cheyenne "photo challenge" into every wedding/shoot.


Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said...

When we picked up Oli Sunday from M.P. we saw Jazzy & Ellen...and gave them a little love. Those girls are too cute! :)

We should learn to make pumpkin bread together {since we never see each other these days}...I've got a bread maker I'm learning to use :)

Lori Campbell said...

This is inspirational. I think I'll start doing the very same thing. Let use know how the pumpkin bread turns out! ~Lori

Karen Schultz said...

Should we hold you to that long list of goals to be complete by 10/31 or are you going to allow changing the month at the top of the list as needed?