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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Andrea's Bridals - Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Hi friends. It's a little late in the day for my post - I had intentions to post this morning, but then got caught up at the gym followed by furiously cleaning my kitchen for my mom and step-dad's arrival this week. They'll be staying with us for a week and I refuse to let them see how filthy my house is.

So, this weekend....Andrea was married. And seriously...it was THE best day of the year to get married. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. And I SO can't wait to share her and Shawn's fall chic wedding at the Vanlandingham Estate.

For her portrait, Andrea decided to go for an urban look since her wedding day photos were going to have a very natural, green feel. She told me she thought it would be neat to contrast feminine bridal with the masculine feel of the buildings, etc....the girl read my mind. :)

Hair and makeup by Kymm of Who's the Fairest. :)

Ever since shooting Mary and Niall there, I've been dying to get back to this spot to shoot a bridal. I LOVE this shot.

LOVING this.

And this one.....is going on the website (when I get around to updating it!).


hubby said...

BAM! great job babe. love youuuuuuu.

Caroline Ghetes said...

I love all of these Cheyenne! Amazing, as usual ; )

Jessica Feely Photography said...

Gorgeoussss! You never cease to amaze me! These are just beautiful! I would love to know how you created that tilt shift look in #2?? Is it a TRA action, or a lens thing?

Stephanie Lynn Photography said...

Absolutely Love the white dress on the red brick. The second one is my fav. Very Nice!!

Kristy Powell said...

Oh my goodness those are beautiful. I LOVE the veil shots!