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Monday, October 12, 2009

Grace's Bridals - Charlotte Wedding Photographer

I am SUPER excited to be sharing these bridal portraits.....because I. LOVE. THEM.

Grace got married this past Saturday. While we didn't photograph her wedding day, I was glad for the opportunity to do her portraits for her. She let me pick out her location - I chose SouthEnd....I love all of the colors and the wrecked feeling of the spots we ended up at.

Grace saw me eyeing the open back of this semi-truck - I didn't say a word.....I didn't need to...she quickly exclaimed, "I can get up in there if you want!!". Ummmm.....yes, please. :)

One of my favorites. :)

Adorable, no?

Congratulations, Grace!!! :)


meg{moir} said...

Beautiful! Love the pictures, love the girl!

Allison Hicks said...

Beautiful! I just love Grace!!

april said...

the crazy sign is just awesome - i love how you used that!

4torock said...

LOVE ur blog- LOVE ur pics!! Wish I could get married all over again just to have u photog me!! have to ask where is that CRAZY sign if u dont mind tellin- I have a lil boy who needs his pic by this! tee hee!! Keep it up- I so enjoy every post!!:)

ps- know u said south end but can u give me another landmark- from charlotte so should b able to figure out:)