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Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Geoff!

Well, technically, Geoff's birthday is over since it is 1am. I would have blogged earlier to salute his 25th birthday, but we've been shooting a wedding all day in Pittsburgh, PA. I honestly don't really know how I'm able to blog right now - we're both pretty beat after today.

Since we flew out yesterday and knew we weren't going to be able to celebrate today, I chose Friday night as the surrogate birthday night. After we got off work I took him out to dinner at a place he's been wanting to try for some time now: Hawthorne's Pizza on 7th street. We highly recommend it!

Here is the birthday boy in all his glory.

While we waited for our food I gave him his birthday present. He recently started making coffee to take to work with him, so I thought he needed a mug of his own rather than stealing my Clemson mug every morning....I almost got him one for hot coffee, but then realized with how hot its been and will continue to be, he'll likely make it iced. I found the "mug" below that looks just like the plastic throw away kind.....except it's hard plastic. Anyway, he liked it. :)

We then headed to NODA to "Wine Up" to watch my friend Erin's improv troupe perform. Geoff even got to participate - here he is....my little actor. :)

I usually make Geoff a birthday cake every year, but this time figured a Coldstone cake was in order. Geoff is obsessed with the 'peanut butter perfection' mixing there....lucky for me - it comes as a cake too!

He loved it. This shot was taken seconds before he dropped it on the ground.

And yes, I made him clean it up - even on his birthday. Luckily most of the cake was still intact so we could eat it. In fact, there's leftovers waiting for us when we get home!

Oh, our tiny Ellen. We had to board her before we left for Pittsburgh and I can't WAIT to get her back again! She really didn't want us to leave her there. Anyway, here's some Ellen shots and a couple family portraits. :)

What a nut.


Also fun news.....tomorrow is our first wedding anniversary!!!

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Jesse Fender said...

Happy Belated Birthday Geoff!!! and I hope that you both have an awesome first wedding anniversary!