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Friday, June 13, 2008

Engaged: Cathi and Greg

In just one week from today, Cathi will be marrying Greg - I couldn't be more excited to spend the day with them to shoot their wedding. When I first met Cathi at Starbucks months ago, we instantly hit it off....we talked for over an hour about our faith, family, and her wedding. I was thrilled a couple of days later when she called wanting to book me!

On Thursday evening we got together for their engagement shoot. On our way to NoDa, we drove past this old beat down place that she had once been to a Halloween party at...it looked WRECKED...so of course, we went in. :) Geoff and I love shooting at places like this. There's something about putting two beautiful people in a nasty old place that I love. The look that comes from it is awesome in my mind.

Anyway, this place was CREEPY. Not only did we hear the faint sound of creepy clown music (no joke - i'm serious), but at one point we looked up at one of the windows in the tall buildings (which we assumed were empty) to see a hand resting on the window sill, which was accompanied by a stoic face peering down to us. Uhhhh......

All of us were pretty freaked out....except for Cathi who was waving up to him and saying hi just like he was an old friend. Do you think he moved even an INCH for the next 10 minutes we were there? We started to wonder if he was a mannequin left over from the Halloween party until a delivery truck man old us that he was the man who lived up there. It was really quite scary. We then headed over to NoDa to finish off the shoot.

Can't wait for next week, you two! :)

P.S. Don't you think she looks just like Trista Sutter from the first Bachelorette?

Today I'm headed to South Boston, VA to 2nd shoot for the fabulous Jill Higgins!

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Leah Bowman said...

These are great! I love the one with all the different colored doors in the background. Great job as usual! :)