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Sunday, June 1, 2008

A day of rest....and a little trouble.

A couple of weeks ago while Geoff and I were in the Bahamas, we were able to just breathe and enjoy the moment. Since then, I've been trying to be more intentional about finding rest in my life. The past few months have been incredibly out of control, which had left me really stressed out and overwhelmed. I know that things will continue to be crazy busy between now and the end of June when I leave Davidson, but I'm trying my best to just do one thing at a time and find rest when I can.

Yesterday I was shooting all day, and didn't get home until past midnight. Even so, Geoff drug my sorry self out of bed to hit church this morning. My allergies and asthma have been pretty bad today, so when I got home from church, I passed out on the couch for 4 hours while Geoff played ultimate frisbee. It was WONDERFUL and much needed.

After my nap I convinced Geoff to take me to the Fresh Market for a bit of candy, at which we also picked up a 6 pack of beer. We then decided to go to Brixx Pizza for dinner (we recommend the chicken club - it is SO good) - we arrived to find a 25 minute wait. Geoff asked me if I wanted a drink while we waited and then joked that we should have a drink in the car since we had the beer. Well, I didn't really take it as a joke...sounded like a brilliant idea to me. After about 5 minutes of enjoying my beer sitting in the backseat of the car with the doors open, I hear someone approach the car.

"Are you guys behaving over here?"

I turn over my shoulder to find a police officer on one of those little scooters looking at me and my beer. I just about had a heart attack, as I was sure I was getting in trouble. Lucky for us - he was a nice cop who wanted to make sure I was 21. He actually thought we were making out, which was the reason he came to check on us - hilarious.

Blog posts coming up will be our trip to the Bahamas and Mary's wedding, as well as all of the second shooting I have been doing lately. In the last two weeks I have shot for Jeremy Igo, Kristen Leigh, and Ruth Rackley.....in two weeks I head to Virginia to second for Jill Higgins. I feel so fortunate to have been able to work alongside these photographers - doing so has taught me so much.

Since we can't have a post without a picture, here's a shot Shara grabbed of me as she was testing for light while I shot for her in Charleston.


Jesse Fender said...


You and Geoff are too cute!! I hope that your relaxation helped you! We are still enjoying looking at your beautiful pictures! Brandon has been taking the proof book to work with him. Hope you have a great week!

A Perfect Enagement - Weddings and Events said...

That police story is hilarious! The same thing happened to Philip and I when we first started dating. We were just talking in the car and someone called the police and reported "suspicious behavior" - I guess they thought we were making out too! haha Then I had to get out of the car and tell the officer that Philip hadn't been beating me. It was so traumatic and our cop was NOT nice. :-)

Shara Lana said...

Glad you are trying to take care of yourself. Don't wait till you fall over. It will get better once you have one job but till then, take care of you!

Mark Brooke Photography said...

This is so cute! I love your blog, the colors are out of this world. you are inspiring me!

Lisette Price Photography said...

Your outfit is too cute and that story was hilarious!! :) And thank you for the comment on my blog! I'm loving your work!!